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5 Ways to Cool a Room Fast


When temperatures rise outside, the interior of your home is likely to get hotter as well. And as it is always the case, hot rooms are miserable to relax in and can mean sleepless nights. Fortunately, there are several cooling methods you can apply to cool your room. Let’s look at some of the quick fixes and a few long-term solutions.

1. Cover your room’s windows during the day

Yes, you need natural light to keep your room bright, but opening your windows when it is hot outside will make your room hot as well. To prevent your room from heating up, you should keep your windows closed to block out direct sunlight and heat.

In addition, you can turn to thermal curtains or placing a thick, soft material like bedspreads over the windows during the day to keep the heat outside.

2. Promote a cross breeze

Allowing in air is a great way to keep your room cool, but it will be better if you open two windows that are adjacent to other. This encourages air to move from one window to another. You can place a fan in each window, whereby one fan blows in air from the outside while the other rotates in reverse motion to blow air outside.

3. Avoid using hot appliances

Appliances such as ovens and clothes dryers are made for the sole purpose of generating massive heat. Therefore, if it is too hot, you can consider substituting with an interior drying rack. As for oven usage, you can leave the cooking or baking for another day.

4. Install a window air conditioning unit

If you have already ruled out using air condition, maybe because it would cost you a lot of money on a monthly basis or they need a lot of money to install, then it may be time to reconsider that decision. This is because, just like many other technologies, HVAC units have improved tremendously in recent years.

Some even have innovative energy efficiency features, while others have become ductless. For ductless, they just have two main components- an indoor unit and an outdoor condenser.

Purchasing and installing an air conditioning unit will not cost you a lot of money. Air conditioning by Christy Cooling Services can provide affordable and effective solutions you can consider for your home.

The best thing with window units is that they are eco-friendlier than whole house units as they just spot-cool the room they are in rather than broadcasting cool air in your entire house.

5. Check your fans

You should not underestimate the impact a fan can make. During winter, your fan should be rotating in a clockwise setting so as to distribute warm air. However, during the summer, your fan should run counter-clockwise. You can alter the setting by pressing a switch on the side of your fan housing to make this change.

Final thoughts

With summer around the corner, this is the best time to cool a room effectively. If you follow the above guidelines on how to cool off a hot room, you will be able to relax well, both during the day and night.


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