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Can I Install My Own Air Conditioner?


It reaches a point, and the air conditioner wears out due to age or other reasons. When that time comes, you will be required to replace it with a new one to keep your house cool during the summer season. Air con installation is not a cheap procedure since you do not wish to go for a low-quality system. Has the idea of DIY air conditioner installation ever crossed your mind? This is where you purchase the AC unit and install it by yourself. Here are the pros and cons of installing the air conditioner on your own.

Benefits of Installing the AC on Your Own

Here are the advantages of performing a search on DIY installation of your new AC.

1. Learn New Skills

By performing a DIY project such as installing your AC unit, you learn many things that you did not know and take pride in. For instance, if you lay new flooring or paint your room, you can take a look at the final results and feel happy about your accomplishment. The same case goes for AC installation. You feel proud that you are enjoying the cool environment in your house due to your work.

2. Save Cash on Initial Investment

HVAC companies have a contractor rate for ACs from the manufacturers they market for, but they still include labor costs. This makes the costs higher than purchasing the AC system from a shop that deals with home improvements.

3. Go for the Unit of Your Choice

Most HVAC firms can repair and service any AC brand, but they install and sell a specific type of brand. If you are purchasing on your own, you have all the freedom to choose the specific type of brand you want.

Drawbacks of DIY AC Installation

While discussed above are benefits that are worth it, here are some of the reasons why it is good to leave the work to the professionals.

1. Time Consuming

To install an AC, you will need to invest a lot of time to learn how to achieve the best results. A licensed AC technician undergoes 12 months of training plus some hands-on skills under the supervision of an experienced mentor. So you might take several weeks to learn how to install it efficiently.

2. Long-term Costs

Installing an AC unit on your own voids the warranty. That means you will always take care of any repair costs.

3. Manual Labor

Installing an AC unit is exhausting but challenging. Operating with ductwork and lifting the heavy machine is intensive if you are not used to doing such work.

4. Very Dangerous

There are some dangers if you do not have experience in electricity and wiring. For instance, you can shock yourself or cause a fire while making the electric panel and AC unit connection.

5. Permits and Certifications

To install a new AC system, you might require permits from your local officials. You might also require an EPA certification to add a refrigerant to the AC unit or eliminate your old system. To get these certifications, you will need to complete exams and pay the fee.


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