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Grab Hire Cost Guide 2021


Hiring a grab lorry can be an excellent way to remove the waste on your property. The grab truck can help you eliminate the rubble or debris cluttering your home.

Getting rid of the waste after demolition, retitling your roof, refurbishing your kitchen, building an extension, or landscaping your garden can be beneficial. It declutters your property and improves its appearance.

Are you worried about the cost of hiring a grab lorry?

A grab lorry cost may not be as expensive as you think. This guide will help you discover the price of grab hire.

Cost of Hiring a Grab Lorry

Here are the costs of hiring a grab lorry.

  • Four-wheel grab lorry: This grab truck costs £170-380. The range here is inclusive of VAT imposed by authorities. You can expect to pay around £275, as this fee is the industry average. This type of grab truck carries 7-9 tonnes of waste.
  • Six-wheel grab truck: A six-wheel grab lorry costs £190-400. This range includes the cost plus VAT. The average fee for this type of grab truck is £295. This grab lorry’s capacity is 12-14 tonnes of garbage.
  • Eight-wheel grab lorry: An eight-wheel grab truck costs £260-420. This range comprises the VAT imposed on the disposal service. The average fee for this type of grab lorry is £340, and it has a capacity of 16-18 tonnes of waste.

Tips To Get an Affordable Grab Lorry

Can one ensure the grab lorry they hire is affordable? You can ensure you get the best rate if you follow these tips. For grab hire cost in Dunstable, check “grab hire Dunstable”.

1. Hire a grab truck from your area. The waste disposal company you pick should offer its services in your area. Choosing a company that doesn’t provide solutions in your region can be expensive.

2. Compare rates before choosing a company. You may find out how much companies charge in your area and compare their rates before deciding on one. This comparison can give you the area’s average fees. You will also know if you are paying a fair amount if you look at other companies’ charges.

3. Ensure there are no hidden costs. Explore possible scenarios in your discussion with the waste disposal company. An exhaustive deliberation ensures there are no charges that they don’t divulge upfront. For example, some companies can demand higher fees once they visit your home and inspect the type of waste you are removing.

4. Sort your waste before the waste disposal company arrives. You may refine your garbage before contacting the waste disposal organisation. Some materials need specialised disposal. The company may charge extra for sorting your waste and disposing of them well. Your expenses can be lower if you sort the garbage.

5. Choose the right truck size. An appropriate truck size reduces the trips the grab truck will need to get rid of your waste. Reduced trips can help you avoid some unnecessary expenses.

Hiring a grab lorry can help you get rid of waste. Grab lorries are affordable, and they can save you some time. They have a hydraulic arm that enables them to load garbage quickly. Plus, grab lorry cost may not be that high.


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