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A detailed insight into the most famous conference venues in Edinburgh


A detailed insight into the most famous conference venues in Edinburgh

Besides being the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is also home to famous historical landmarks like the Scottish parliament, Edinburgh castle, Scottish national gallery and so on. It also comes as one of the most popular destinations in the UK that have often been preferred to hold all the big meetings and conferences. Speaking of the infrastructure, there is the world-famous Edinburgh airport that accommodates millions of passengers every year, coming from all parts of the globe.

Well, it’s not just about the airport as you will also find the most advanced railways and roadways system that perfectly serves all the local and international commuters within the city. These are a few of the many reasons why this city is often quoted as one of the most preferred conference cities across the globe. That said, have a look at some of the most famous conference venues in Edinburgh

Edinburgh International conference centre (EICC)

This is a venue that has been awarded for its exceptional capabilities to cater to the needs of any business meeting or conference. From break out suites to spacious exhibition areas, the venue offers every facility required for a business meeting or conference. There are different types of rooms at the venue. There is a Lennox suite that can offer auditorium seating to comfortably accommodate around 2000 guests at one time and a Cromdale hall that can serve to about 1200 people without any issues. The centre also has a hall named Strathblane hall that can cater to around 850 people. Hence, no matter whether your respective meeting or conference involves a small or large group of people, this Edinburgh conference venue can easily cater to all your requirements.

Edinburgh conference centre (ECC)

Edinburgh conference centre is perfectly suitable for all those meetings and conferences where the number of attendees is below 1000. This Edinburgh conference venue offers ample space and year-round services to fulfil all type of conferencing needs efficiently. There is a James watt 1 centre that can comfortably accommodate around 600 people at one time. Moreover, if you still need more space for your conference, you can opt for James Watt 2 centre that carries about 1000 square meters of ample space.

Other venues

Beside EICC and ECC, you can also check out various hotels within the Edinburgh city for all your conferencing needs. Names like Radisson blu hotel Edinburgh, Sheraton grand hotel & spa and the Caledonian can easily be considered for the same purpose. If you are going on a budget and want to save some money in the process, you can further opt for venues like Usher hall, Letham house, and the Real mary king’s close. Even though these venues aren’t as spacious as the big conference centres, they will serve perfectly to a conference including around 200-300 people.

You are never short of good options while looking for the best conference venues in Edinburgh. Still, checking their online reviews and ratings in terms of provided service and facilities is highly recommended. Various online portals like Venuefinder can be referred for any further help in the same regards.


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