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How a B2B Ecommerce Platform Overhaul Can Help Your Business


Understanding the needs and wants of the typical B2B buyer of today mean dispensing away with outdated ideas about their remit. Whereas in the past, B2B buyers may have utilised conventional sales avenues like vendors and reps, the current landscape is far different. As with just about everything else, it’s online where you’ll find most buyers involved in B2B operating. If even a slight fraction of your customer base is represented by B2B, you’ll want to ensure your eCommerce platform has been adapted to match the modified role and requirements of these buyers.

First-rate features for enhanced user experience 

There are various choices for merchants looking for a reliable eCommerce platform provider that will overhaul the way they deal with B2B customers. The best B2B eCommerce solutions out there take their cues from B2C, with familiar features and functionality making for an intuitive user experience. What’s more, enterprise-level eCommerce platform providers deliver plenty of scope when it comes to customisation. Discoverability can be enriched with tailored navigation and streamlined search on-site, while responsive design means that your website looks and performs perfectly across all device types and screen sizes.

Keep customers coming back with swift checkouts and promotions 

Every buyer is valued for their custom, but B2B customers represent a slice of the market where you can make some serious revenue Once you’ve captured the interest and initial confidence of a new buyer with your platform overhaul, keep them keen and coming back for more with streamlined checkout process and easy payments. The best platforms out there will allow you to utilise all manner of payment gateways, ensuring there’s no need to worry about losing custom just because a buyer doesn’t have access to a particular accepted method of payment. What’s more, for those customers who do keep returning to buy, you can sweeten the deal by delivering an expedited experience at the checkout with some platforms. Slashing checkout time might seem like a small perk, but it’s improvements like this that strike the right chord with buyers who place a high value on their time. Additionally, the checkout can be personalised even further, with scripts on hand so you can push promotional campaigns in the direction of those they’re most suited to.

Straightforward Solutions for Wholesale Channels 

If you accommodates wholesale customers in addition to everyday buyers, you needn’t worry about establishing an entirely separately platform to host your business. With a premium platform behind you, you can simply implement a secure login page over the top of your B2C storefront. This not only saves you a huge amount of time and money on development, it also allows you to individualise what different buyers see. You can decide to make some products purely B2C, tailor the information supplied alongside listed products to better appeal to certain customers, or assign products a different price, dependent on customer. For example, your wholesale buyers looking to purchase high-volume orders will be treated to a discounted price the B2C demographic won’t.


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