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The 6 Most Popular Basement Conversion Ideas


If you’ve already looked into loft conversions and haven’t been impressed, or you would like to keep that space for storage, then why not look beneath your feet instead. If you have a basement then it will no doubt be ripe for conversion. The problem is: what can you use the space for? If you have to ask that question, then perhaps you need some home improvement inspiration. So here are the more common basement conversions

Remember – adding an additional room to your home will increase value to your property, but only if you manage the project well. Being able to list your house as a 5 bed rather than a 4, for example, is much better. You can usually still live in the property while the work is done and you might even be able to rent the room out at a later date should you need the added income. Alternatively if you’re intending to stay permanently and don’t need the extra bedroom, you could utilise the room for something more personal.

Converting Your Basement Into A Home Cinema

One of the worst things to occur when you’re watching a film or a television box set is for the glare of the lights outside to shine on your screen. When you convert your basement into a home entertainment room you can have your own underground cinema – add in surround sound and some super comfortable chairs and you’ll never want to leave. On top of all that, your high tech equipment is out of the sight of prying eyes so you don’t have to worry about people eyeing up your giant flat screen anymore.

Converting Your Basement Into An Emergency Guest Room

Whenever the family comes to stay it can always seem like a squeeze to fit everyone in and there is always one person who decides they want to stay at the last minute. With a new guest room you can accommodate more people and keep friends and family close by after a pleasant evening together. If you have a fold up sofa it can even double as an entertainment area before the conversion into a bedroom at night.

Converting Your Basement Into A Home Gym

If you don’t like exercising in front of the entire world, or if you just want to remove the hassle of gym membership payment, then how about turning that dark basement into a bright breezy gym space. You can add in a range of equipment and make it feel spacious with mirrors and good lighting. This way there can be no excuse not to get your workout in after work; pick the equipment you like best and update it when you want a new challenge.

Converting Your Basement Into A Wet Room or Sauna

While it might not be the first place you’d think to install a wet room, your basement conversion could be the ideal opportunity to add in one of these sought after rooms. You won’t have to worry about pumping water up to the top of your house like in a loft conversion and it will be spacious enough to serve as a changing room while you’re down there. The key to a wet room is ensuring it is water tight, but once that is achieved you can add in as much classy furnishing as you wish.

Converting Your Basement Into A Home Office

Need somewhere quiet to work? Or do you just need a space away from the kids that is dedicated to your working or studying. Create a small library, add a desk and some comfortable armchairs to create your very own private home office. This can be a place of private work with an adult décor, such as mahogany furnishings, and a safe for important documents. A home office will no doubt free up room elsewhere in the home if you have lots of books or a desk and will contain everything you need that a dedicated home office should have.

Converting Your Basement Into A Man Cave

If you’ve got a family at home, as a man you’ll know the longing for a dedicated room just for you. Whether you decide you just want to chill out and use your man cave as a second living room or have it as your own personal gaming room, a basement man cave could be your perfect haven. You’ll be able to have your personal space within the home without ever having to leave it.

Regardless of what you decide for your basement conversion you should always consider talking with your local builders first. Even if you plan on doing it yourself, the wisdom, experience and advice of an expert will always come in handy and could prevent major problems later on. Most construction companies include a host of tradesmen whose building services vary across a range of trades, so no matter what type of basement conversion you want, they’ll be able to assist.


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