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Skip Hire Size Guide


You are looking for an ideal skip that will help in keeping your neighbourhood clean. You need to get the skip size right so that it is enough for all the wastes and garbage to be accumulated from your locality. If you purchase a size that is smaller than your requirement then you might have to end up purchasing multiple skips. This article will give you a comprehensive guide about various skip sizes so that you can zero in on the ideal size for your needs.

Once you understand the different size specifications, you can go for skip hire by TJC according to your requirements.

Skip Size Guide

  • 2 Cubic Yard Skip

The 2 cubic yard specification is a type of ‘Mini Skip’ which can aid you perfectly for your household chores. If you are a gardening enthusiast then this mini skip is just the one for you. It is ideal for the collection of leaf litter, decayed plants, and other household wastes. You can tuck in this small skip in your garden shed or your garage as this will not take up much space. It can carry up to 20 to 25 waste bags.

  • 4 Cubic Yard Skip

The 4 cubic yard type is known as the ‘Midi Skip’ which is ideal to be used for big houses and office spaces. It is equipped to fit in 30 to 40 waste bags. It can carry regular non-biodegradable wastes, rubble and has enough space to fit in one of your furniture items or junk materials.

  • 6 Cubic Yard Skip

This size is ideal to be used in large residential complexes and small localities. They can be kept in driveways or side alleys as they will not take up much space and block the road. They are equipped to carry garbage equivalent to 70 to 80 waste bags and is suitable to carry both biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes. The 6 cubic yard skip can be used in business locations, construction sites, to name a few where bricks, stones, soil wastes need to be disposed of.

  • 8 Cubic Yard Skip

This skip size is one of the most sought after ones when it comes to buying skips for industrial purposes. Commercial localities have a lot of office buildings that give away paper wastes, food wastes, and many more. It is very fruitful to be used in small construction sites and house clearance activities. This skip size is capable of carrying approximately 100 to 110 waste bins in its container.

  • 10 Cubic Yard Skip

This specification is known as the ‘Super Standard Skip’ that is ideal to be used in large renovation projects and locality landscaping. It is large enough to carry various pieces of furniture in your house that you would want to clear out. Also, it can be used in commercial activities to carry wastes that can accumulate while clearing and beautifying your neighbourhood and landscaping public gardens.

  • 12 Cubic Yard Skip

The 12 cubic yard specification is a very large skip that can be used in any large industrial area, large households, the hospitality industry, and big localities. It can carry around 120 to 130 waste bags so you can gauge the huge area of this container. You can fit in several beds or sofas in this skip.

  • 40 Cubic Yard Skip

Various small to big sizes of skips have been discussed. There is another variation of skip that has a size specification of anywhere between 35 cubic yards and 40 cubic yards. This skip is equipped to handle everyday factory garbage and a large chunk of industrial wastes like wood, scraps, junks, plastics, etc.

Now that you have an idea about various sizes of skips to hire, you can go ahead and take your pick. Go through the specifications, understand your requirements, and then go for skip hire by TJC.


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