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4 Solutions to Common Site Problems

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The construction industry is currently experiencing a period of significant growth. Fueled by government investment and a rise in infrastructure and housing projects, the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors are witnessing a marked expansion. While this growth brings undeniable opportunities, it also brings some challenges that require careful consideration.

One area demanding attention is construction site management. Although unexpected issues are an inherent part of any project life cycle, certain site problems can slow down a project’s success. These challenges include worker safety, material cost fluctuations, theft, vandalism and human error.

As a project manager or a construction head, it is your responsibility to iron out these problems. In this article, we explore the 4 solutions to common site challenges on construction sites.

1. Risky Work Environment

The workers on site are the backbone of any construction project, but these sites can be dangerous work environments. Worker safety and well-being is a priority on construction sites. Your team likely operates heavy machinery and works through complicated building structures regularly. As a project manager, you must provide them with basic amenities like toilets, rest areas and more.

Solution – Hire Welfare Units

Welfare units come with well-equipped washrooms, changing areas, mobile charging points and resting areas, so your workers can feel secure and safe in an enclosed and protected space.

Some welfare units can accommodate up to 16 people at a time, with enough room for a number of activities like cooking, cleaning and more. Having a well-equipped welfare unit on site also ensures your project’s adherence to the HSE norms and regulations.

2. On-site Theft and Vandalism

Sites are home to expensive machinery, quality building materials, and important data that can be an easy target for thieves and vandals. They often take advantage of the fact that project sites are temporary structures with limited supervision time and security surveillance. This is why it is important to take the necessary measures to avoid theft and other safety concerns.

Solution – Site Container Unit

To prevent thefts and ensure a vandalism-free project site environment, invest in a site container unit. These units are shipping containers that offer a practical but temporary solution for theft and vandalism. They are durable enough to ensure your project’s valuables are safe and secure. These units are usually available in multiple sizes of 10 ft, 20ft, 30ft or 40ft with lockboxes for securing important items.

A quick online search with the right keywords as per your site’s location and requirements can help you land a number of site unit suppliers. For example, if you enter the terms ‘site welfare unit in Yorkshire’ you get a long list of suppliers of welfare containers servicing Yorkshire.

3. Rising Cost of Traditional Construction Materials

The cost of building materials is subject to constant fluctuation. Rising prices of essential materials, such as quarried aggregates, can significantly increase project budgets. Furthermore, factors like worker wages, heavy equipment rental costs, and project delays can further push overall construction expenses.

To deal with this issue, it’s best to identify cost-effective solutions to maintain project budgets within established parameters. One way to do this is by exploring alternative construction materials.

Solution – Using Recycled Aggregates

Recycled aggregates are better than conventionally quarried aggregates as they are made by processing used or wasted construction materials. Although recycled aggregates are cost-effective and cheaper, their strength and durability match that of traditional aggregates. Some common recycled aggregates include type 1, 6F2, dust, sand, topsoil, and pipe bedding.

Reach out to aggregate suppliers situated close to your construction site to save on delivery time and transportation. For example, if your project is in Kettering, look for top suppliers of aggregates in Kettering.

Using recycled aggregates is not only an affordable option but also helps promote a circular economy by reusing waste materials and reducing the demand pressure on Earth’s virgin natural resources.

4. Unskilled or Inexperienced Labour

Employing an unskilled labour force can negatively impact your construction project. However, finding skilled workers with relevant experience can be a challenge, especially when your project demands a lot of manpower. Although this may not seem like an issue before project commencement, it can quickly become a headache later on. Hiring unskilled workers for the job can lead to unstable structures and on-site injuries.

Solution – Project Hiring Consultants

Consult local project hiring consultants to manage the recruitment process for your construction workforce. Project hiring consultants conduct thorough background checks to verify qualifications and ensure a reliable workforce. They can efficiently identify qualified candidates whose skills and experience closely align with your project’s specific needs.

Summing Up

However complicated or simple the problem, there’s always a solution. Project management can be a challenge, but with these effective solutions for on-site problems, you will open the doors to success.


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