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What is Design and Build?


Are you looking to build or remodel your premises? Construction projects are some of the most crucial investments that you can make. As such, it is vital that you only entrust them to experienced persons. Regardless of the construction project you undertake, you will need someone to handle the design and construction. While there are different ways to implement your construction project, the design and build system is the most profitable option. Besides eliminating thousands of intermediaries, the design and build system also gives your project a perfect streamline. Using this approach, you will only work with one person from the beginning to the end. It is a more streamlined system to foster more effective results than the traditional construction delivery system. Award-winning firm Apollo Projects are a great example of how enlisting the services of a reputable design and build company can help benefit your construction project. They have overseen numerous projects throughout New Zealand including food processing facilities, aquatics centres, winery and beverage facilities and various council and educational buildings.

8 Advantages of Using the Design and Build Construction System

You Enjoy Total Accountability

The design and build system consists of a team of responsible and knowledgeable persons for the whole project. When compared to the traditional system, owners have realised more accountability as the design and build contractors work as one team. There is not even one shot for blame games in the different departments as seen in the traditional system. This is because all the contractors work as one and this eliminates departmental feuds.

Better Continuity

Building and construction involve a lot of steps. Following this, it would be terrible if you had lots of people on the job. A good design and build team will be fully immersed in the process from the beginning to the end. This togetherness enhances the efficiency and continuity of the construction project at hand. Even better, it eliminates the chances of overlooking some things in the investment.

You Get an All-Rounded and Experienced Construction Firm

Experience often determines the quality of results in various fields. With an experienced team of contractors, you can be sure that the company can deliver quality construction. Before these companies bring people on board, they verify their qualifications, experience, and construction training. You will get a high-quality construction project in the end.

Better Owner Involvement in the Project

Unlike the traditional construction system, the design and build approach ensures that the owner is actively involved in the project. As the owner, you have the chance to relay your goals, ideas, and preferences in the construction scheme. In the end, you will get results that you are proud of and love.

Your Project Takes Less Time

Dealing with one team is always easier than working with ten teams of construction experts. Besides the enhanced efficiency, you also save a lot of time. Since it’s a team, it will be easier to stick to the construction plans and schedules and this results in less wasted time. All the decisions and plans are well thought after and can be revisited when need be. Some companies have already developed fast-tracking software to measure the success of their projects. It is a time-worthwhile experience.


Fewer contractors mean less money spent on the project. The design and build approach often determine the costs before the projects begin. As such, you know the amount to be spent before the construction. When experts compared the design and build to the traditional construction approach, they realised that the former results in lower engineering and architectural costs. You save money without compromising the quality of the project.

Teamwork and Collaboration is Fun

There is so much fun in teamwork and collaboration. This is because everyone brings some input and ideas that make the design and build process even more efficient. The team and owner come together to deliver high-quality results.

No Stress

The design and build approach is the least stressful construction system that anyone can use. You only need to find a qualified design and build company to begin.

How to Maximise the Design and Build Approach in the Construction Field

The design and build approach can be used in different construction projects. It eliminates the issuance of contracts to lots of people. Since you will be using one company, you need to ensure that you select the right one. Here are a few tips on how you can select the correct company and maximise the design and build approach.

. Find a reputable company within your area; they should have high-quality services.
. Check the company’s registration and determine its legitimacy before you can engage them.
. Consider and compare the rates from different design and build companies; find one that works best for your budget.
. Choose a company with a record of safety; it is a construction prone to accidents and injuries.
. Find a company with a proximal location; it boosts accessibility when you need them on the site.
. Read the reviews posted by the previous clients regarding the design and build services.

Finding the right design and build company brings you all the benefits we have mentioned above. Choose wisely and enjoy the benefits.


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