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Why you and your staff need to take a commercial cleaning and health & safety training course


Commercial cleaning, health and safety is essential and needs to be prioritised in every healthy working environment. Keeping the workplace clean, also known as ‘housekeeping’, is hugely useful when it comes to controlling and mitigating operational risks and hazards. Workplaces that do not have good housekeeping practices often have higher rates of accidents and injuries. That’s why it’s necessary for the staff to go through basic CPR and first-aid training. If clutter and disorganisation are the names of the game, then incidents of a more severe nature may go overlooked as well.

Cleanliness and health and safety are not just confined to keeping the workplace clean; it is a way of working itself. It includes, but is not limited to, keeping the work area in an orderly fashion, maintenance of floors, halls and pathways as dry and free of falling hazards, proper disposal of waste and products that may be flammable, and overall, maintaining a safe working environment. Organising the workspace also removes a lot of clutter and enables safe working practices. If housekeeping is to be effective, it needs to be inculcated in the culture of the company. It is a recurring and on-going practice, not a thing that is to be done when things look unmanageable.

Operational health and safety is a difficult task and employees almost always need help and training to accustom themselves with these practices. Many training companies exist that may seem to train the workforce accordingly, but few have a nationwide presence in the UK. The UK Commercial Cleaning Solutions Ltd is a company that not only addresses all of the concerns that one may face as per the requirements of their health and safety training, they also deliver the same quality and standard that the end-user expects throughout the country. Learning from a group of thorough professionals that live and breathe cleaning, health and safety are one of the best choices that an enterprise can make.

The benefits of good housekeeping practices are usually undermined. However, they add a lot to the productivity of the company. Workers work efficiently as all tools for work are clearly labelled and have designated spots, making their work efficient. An organised workspace also enables fewer risks and accidents in the workspace. Equipment, materials and supplies are handled properly and adequately. This dramatically increases productivity and also decreases the cost of preventive maintenance and reduces the risk to the health of the employees and the property of the employer. Some workplaces may also deal with chemicals and materials that may be hazardous to health, and hence, an appropriate work methodology needs to be adopted when handling these substances. Developing set procedures for these business places is of equal importance, and the right training from the right training company goes a long way in the larger scheme of things. Operational health and safety standards need to be developed and followed to maintain a healthy work atmosphere that not only enable workers to be motivated and have higher morale, the increased productivity and efficiency yields better results for the employer.


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