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Select Residential Solutions – What Process We Follow For A Bathroom Renovation?

Since 2004, Select residential solutions have been designing and renovating functional and stylish bathroom renovations perth. Moreover, our bathroom renovation services include an honest recommendation, free advice, and transparent quotes as we walk you through our whole process of bathroom renovations.

Our friendly team member will pay a free visit to the site and talk through what kind of bathroom you want, whether powder room or ensuite, and offers several suggestions that will ensure the best use of site space for any bathroom design. Our bathroom designers, stay updated with the latest bathroom designing trends to deliver you an incredible new bathroom, which is trending nowadays and will last longer for many years. Moreover, our bathroom renovations services ensure that you get the right quote you need for your renovation needs. Whether you want to convert an existing room space into a ensuite or bathroom, we will also talk about any additional works or costs are included in your quote. You can look at the design for bathroom remodeling, which can help you choose the best design that suits your functionality and style. So, without further ado, let us walk you through our renovation process.

  • On-Site Consultation 

Our bathroom renovations executive will meet with you on the site to talk about your needs, wants, and budget. Moreover, we will carry out a thorough inspection of the current room’s layout and condition and take measurements of the space that enable us to offer you the best suitable designs for your renovation needs. Then, we will focus on your selected options while considering room shape and size, positions of doors and windows, and many more. Our team will answer any concern or question you have; whether you would like to discuss bath tub styles or a bidet seat for your toilet.

  • Design And Quote 

Now, the professional designers’ team will prepare the design for you and structure a complete quote on the project. If you want to get a quote fast, your quote will be emailed or posted to your address, if you prefer. Once you have seen the quote, you are invited to our showroom so that we can discuss the details of the bathroom design while keeping a healthy budget that suits your pocket.

  • Agreement And Commencement 

Once you are satisfied with the quote, design, and schedule, we need your consent for commencing date. It means you will have to sign a renovation agreement, and we will assign an expert who will ensure every trade is complete before commencing the work. Our bathroom designers will ensure that work is completed while maintaining a high level of standard. Moreover, every workplace is left tidy each day to prevent unnecessary dust particles from sprawling into other rooms. 

  • Completion 

At the end of the renovation process, we clean the workplace to enable our clients to use it right away without thinking about dust, dirt, or grout. Moreover, we make it easier for our clients to use the newly renovated bathroom after the complete. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality renovation services at select residential solutions. 


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