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Carpet Buying Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying a Carpet


Installing a carpet helps to enhance the indoor environment. It promotes comfort, interior design appearance, and can also help to absorb sound and shock. But there are many different types and sizes of carpets on the market and this can make the selection process an overwhelming task. But what are some of the things that you should consider before buying a carpet?

Colour and Patterns

The most demanding thing about choosing a carpet usually involves picking the right colour and pattern. There are endless options which are available in the market and the process is usually intensive, especially if you have nothing specific in mind.

It’s wise to consider the type of ambience or mood you want to create. The interior design also plays an important role in determining the type of pattern that would be the most ideal. If you want the carpet to be the focal point of the room, it should be vibrant and attractive. If you want it for background furnishing, then it should have a moderate appeal.

Carpet padding

Carpet padding provides extra cushioning and support for the carpet. If the padding isn’t thick enough, then your carpet will easily get worn out as a result of wear and tear. The best types of carpets in the market are made with high-quality and thick padding materials including foam or rubber. This helps to retain the quality of the carpet and prevent the rate of deterioration of the fibres. Besides that, the right type of padding can be great in absorbing sound and providing insulation.


Of course, you can only buy a carpet that you can afford. Before you buy a carpet, ensure that its quality matches its price value. An expensive carpet should be durable, attractive, and be able to withstand high traffic. Analyse the production design features and determine if they match the total cost of the carpet.

Care and Maintenance

Different types of carpets require different types of care and maintenance depending on the materials used to make them as well as where they are placed. High traffic areas require tough carpets. Besides that, they need to be cleaned frequently.

Generally, it’s advisable to choose a carpet that you can easily maintain. Durable and stain-resistant carpets are the most ideal to buy regardless of where you will use them. They are usually resistant to dirt and their overall maintenance is usually cheap.


You should consider a carpet as a valuable investment and warranties are, therefore, important to consider the warranty. Every carpet manufacturer normally offers products with different warranties. The most popular ones include:

  • Wear and tear warranties
  • Stain warranties
  • Matting and crushing warranties
  • 5-year warranties

So, before you make a purchase, consider the type of warranty that suits your needs. For instance, if the carpet will be used in a high-traffic, then a wear and tear warranty would the most ideal. However, make sure that you understand the manufacturer’s specifications of the warranty before you make purchases.

If you consider these factors, you will be able to quickly choose a carpet that suits your needs. In case you are looking for the best way to revamp your flooring, check out Carpets Colchester where you will find a wide range of affordable options


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