Home Design Tips for Choosing the Right Front Door for Your Home

Tips for Choosing the Right Front Door for Your Home


The front door is one of the most important factors to consider while planning your home’s front elevation. When it comes to selling your home, front doors provide a return on investment of more than 90%. It’s simple to understand why.

Every day, your front doors serve as a focal point for the exterior of your home, make the first impression on your guests, and welcome you and your family home. When it comes down to it, the front door may be one of the most often utilized elements in your home! So, it is vital to choose the perfect one.

The different types of doors

Single doors

Single-hung front doors can stand alone. Depending on the style and materials, single doors might appear sleek and minimalist or attractive and homey. So they are appropriate for both modern and cottage homes. Single-hung entrance doors are sometimes flanked with sidelights or transom windows to provide visual appeal and make the door look wider.

Double doors

Double-hung front doors are attractive and suitable for bigger homes. Typically, one door will be locked and utilized only a few times weekly. However, both doors may be opened, creating a huge threshold that makes moving furniture in and out of the house simple.

Pivot doors

Instead of standard side hinges, pivot doors revolve on a pivot box that is fastened to the bottom and top jamb. As a consequence, pivot doors have a modern appearance and have a dramatic effect when opened, making an excellent first impression on guests.

However, because a pivot door opens from all sides, it creates a blind zone and presents a minor safety concern to small children and pets. Glass panes on the door can assist reduce this risk.  


Transom windows

A transom window is a glass panel above the door. Transoms give height and let in lots of natural light while keeping the front doorway private from the street.


Sidelights are vertical glass panels on either side of the entrance door. These glass panels complement the entrance, make the foyer look larger, and let in natural light.


Traditionally, the doorknob on the front door is different from those used throughout the rest of the house. The entrance door provides a chance to choose a huge statement door handle, adding a feeling of grandeur and stability. 

Door Knockers

Door knockers are another option to consider, particularly for homes with an old-world aesthetic. Instead of using the usual doorbell, they present guests with a creative alternative to introduce themselves.

Decorative Ironwork

Decorative ironwork is a common front door accent, particularly for those with glass panels. Ironwork may provide grandeur and visual intrigue to both conventional Hill Country and Mission-style home exteriors. 

Smart home options

Many homeowners want to replace their front doors with smart home technology. Peepholes with video cameras, keypads, and remote access are among the available options. Upgrades like this make it simple to keep your house safe while you are away.

Tips for choosing your front door

Match the style of your home

When picking a front door, ensure that it complements the architectural style of your property. There are several door designs available, ranging from sleek contemporary to elaborate classic. When choosing a door, examine the house’s lines, materials, and external paint colors.

Check the width of your doorway

The size of the front doorway will dictate whether you require a single door, a double door, or extra transoms and sidelights. Check that the door you desire fits within the constraints of the construction.


Wood remains the traditional choice for entry doors, providing the high-end beauty that customers seek as well as good resistance to dents and scratches that are readily fixed. Walnut, cherry, oak, mahogany, maple, pine, and fir are the most often used woods for making doors.

Steel is the most flexible and cost-effective material, with superior weather resistance and security. A steel door does not have to look like steel; bespoke steel doors can be finished with a stainable wood-fiber coating, laminated wood veneer, or a variety of other options.

Glass is becoming increasingly popular as a must-have material for home exterior doors. Glass may appear to be a “less secure” material, but contemporary glass safety doors incorporate all of the security features required to keep your family safe.

Fiberglass is the most popular option. It resists wear and tear, may be painted or stained, comes in a variety of textures, and requires minimal upkeep. However, cheap fiberglass doors can fracture under force and should be avoided. A high-quality fiberglass door will cost more money.


When it comes to security, modern entry doors made of steel, wood, or fiberglass are all virtually similar in terms of strength.

Look for a door with at least a one-inch lock and a strong metal striking plate. Some front doors come with up to six locking pins, making them nearly indestructible.

If you pick a front door with a window or side window, the armored glass should have two certifications: bulletproof and sledgehammer proof. Glass should also be coated to help prevent break-ins.

Modern locking systems support keyless entry via a smartphone or transponder, keypad entry, and RFID entry.

Consider natural light

The choice of the front door impacts more than just the exterior of the home; it also influences the design and feel of the foyer. Glass doors are a terrific way to bring in more natural light, creating an inviting entryway that will make a positive first impression on guests.

Consider privacy

Consider the home’s relationship to the street while choosing a front door. Depending on the location of your property, privacy from the road may be an issue. However, this does not mean you have to forego natural light in the entryway. Consider installing a transom window above the entrance or using frosted glass panels rather than transparent ones.

Create a good first impression

The front entrance is important for establishing a strong first impression. Don’t be hesitant to create a strong choice that reflects your personality, whether it’s a colorful color or unique decorations such as a door knocker. Visit this site for some front door selections because finding the perfect one may mean all the difference!


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