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How to Rearrange Your Bedroom for Better Sleep


In every aspect of our lives, sleep is vital for your well-being and health. Therefore, we must not deny ourselves the many benefits that come with sleep such as better memory, healthy weight loss, and even a revved-up sex drive. How do you then boost your sleep quality? You can check the exercises you do, the food you eat, and also products you can buy to boost your sleep quality. However, the most crucial of all this is how best you arrange your bedroom. Below are some easy changes that you can make for your bedroom for better sleep.

Get a good mattress

Before you think about anything else in your bedroom. Investing in a very good mattress should be your number one priority. Therefore, take the time to choose one from furniture stores that will be comfortable for you and is of good quality. Thus, select one whether hard or soft, according to your preference as long as you find it relaxing. If you cannot get to test them at a store, you can read through reviews online of the brand that you want and you can tell from them the best of them and the affordable one. 

Hide the screens

Using screens at night is a sleep stealer since the blue light that they emit causes you not to fall asleep. To avoid disrupting your sleep by using any of these electronic devices ditch them or hide the screens altogether. One tip you can follow through is removing chargers from your bedroom space to avoid any temptations to keep and watch them at night. Another thing is to get the TV out of your room or get a creative way to cover it if you are serious about improving your sleep. Optionally, you can decide to put your electronic gadgets in the next room to avoid using them in bed. 

Set the ideal room temperature

To get optimal sleep, choose a temperature of at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Engineering the perfect temperature will ensure that you are comfortable as you sleep. Since when it is very hot or very cold it is impossible to get any quality sleep. If you have no thermostat, invest in a heater or fan to ensure that you get close to the ideal number. Other things to consider as you sleep are the number and type of bedding you have as they could be contributing to you not sleeping well. Therefore, reduce or add the number of beddings until you get what you can sleep in best. 

Put your bed against a wall

Having your bed against a wall is another way to rearrange your bedroom. Always position your head against a solid wall to give you a sense of psychological stability and prevent chilly drafts. If you try this, you will see the difference you get and have improved sleep. These are some of the Feng Shui principles that many people follow that believe when you have a bed against the window, energy flies outside during sleep.

Decorate symmetrically 

According to studies, people perceive symmetry as beautiful. Therefore, as you rearrange your bedroom, ensure that you have a symmetrical setup that is surrounding your bed for maximum calm. If you need a painting in your room, have it above your bed and ensure that it is centered. Also, if you use pillows, make sure you have two of them to ensure that things are visually equal. When you have a room with symmetry, Feng Shui masters believe it promotes harmonious relationships with not only your partner but with yourself. 

To conclude, as you arrange your bedroom for better sleep. The above pointers will come in handy to ensure that you get a night of better sleep. Although many people try their best to get by with not enough sleep, they fail. Therefore, for your wellness and overall health, ensure that your bedroom is an ideal sleep environment. Plus, of all things, your mattress and bed are the most important investments that you can make. To rearrange it best, it takes one weekend or less or you can hire an interior designer to help you.  


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