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5 Landscaping Trends and Ideas For 2020


Landscaping is one of the most fun and creative hobbies out there. A lot of homeowners are coming up with a lot of ideas to make their greenery beautiful. From sustaining the environment with bee-friendly gardens to bringing landscaping to the city with vertical gardening, 2020 has a lot of landscaping trends to offer. Landscaping by Eden Horticultural has compiled a list of trends that can be perfect for any modern homeowners looking for ideas for their gardens.


To have a beautiful landscape means you should be ready for the high water bill. This is expensive in the long run and this is why a lot of homeowners started using plants that require only a little amount of water. Succulent landscaping is characterized by different types of green succulents highlighted by a few red or violet succulents. Putting rocks to cover the soil adds a modern touch to the landscape.


Having a garden full of flowers is always great. But since there are problems with the lack of flowers and food for the bees, homeowners are now incorporating their gardens with a lot of flowers that attract pollinators. Rich in nectar plants such as Coneflower, Joe Pye Weed, Bee Balm, and Milkweed are among the top choices of plants. Bees, butterflies, and birds do not need to travel long for nectars anymore if the neighborhood is already rich with their favorite nectars.

Vertical Gardening

Not all people have a spacious garden to put their plants in but this won’t stop green thumbs in the cities from gardening. A lot of city folks are now trying out the new method called vertical gardening that can turn a bland wall into a blooming landscape. Small plants that can be mounted on the walls are perfect for this. You can also incorporate crawling and vining plants to add life to the wall.

A Touch Of Pink

The Japanese people are known for their traditional landscaping talents. The most iconic picture of this 2020 landscaping trend is the Sakura tree and a red curved wooden bridge. You can incorporate this style in your garden by having a Sakura tree to add a little blush of pink in your garden. If you do not have Sakura, there are other alternatives such as Atami Plum Blossom or a different color such as the purple Wisteria. The bridge is not necessary but you can add any red wooden structure to capture the Japanese landscape.

Soft Lighting

Landscaping isn’t just about the plants and flowers in the garden. It’s also about how well you present it. While gardens are certainly a sight to behold at daylight, you can also make it look breathtaking at night by putting soft lights all around the garden. A few floor lights that can highlight certain plants and a big lamppost is the most simple way of creating a romantic and relaxing feel to your landscape.

Final Thoughts

2020 is a wild year but it offered us a lot of trends that are focused on sustainability. Landscaping has gone from simply making your garden beautiful to making it eco-friendly. Landscaping is a truly fun activity but it can be daunting at first. Landscaping by Eden Horticultural can help you with your landscaping needs to create your dream garden.


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