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Best Bathroom Improvement Ideas


Everyone has different requirements for a perfect bathroom: some need a functional space where you can take a quick shower after a long day, others — a paradise oasis for leisurely spa treatments. We have collected the most effective techniques.

  • Shower instead of the bath.

At first glance, it seems that you can give up a stationary bath in favor of a shower only if there is a lack of square meters. However, your decision may be influenced by at least two other reasons.

First, the savings: to mount a cabin or shower compartment, as a rule, is cheaper, and the utility bill will be noticeably lower. Secondly, ecology: the less we spend on freshwater, the slower natural resources are depleted.

  • Innovation in business.

The technological bathroom can be not only because of the various devices but also because of the materials that are used in it.

Now very common bathrooms made of amanzonite, it looks adorable and expensive. Sinks made of such ceramics are weightless and ultra-thin while being durable allows designers to create elegant shapes that were previously impossible. Plus, the bathroom must be warm.

Therefore, now many people put Phoenix radiators, thereby making the bathroom more cozy and comfortable.

  • Shower bench.

It is pretty typical for American interiors reception. But the advantages are obvious: such a “landing” takes up little space, but it makes it possible to perform some cosmetic procedures sitting down and facilitates water procedures for older people.

  • Sedentary bath.

Not ready to give up the bathroom in favor of a shower, and with free place trouble? Choose a sedentary bath. They are usually 130×70 cm or 120×70 cm in size, but a suitable model can also be made to order.

  • Two sinks are better than one.

The common problem of an apartment with a single bathroom: all the household needs to clean up simultaneously, and the bathroom turns into a battlefield. The heat of passion will help to remove two shells instead of one. For more significant effect, they can be equipped with individual mirrors.

  • How to let the light in?

A window in the bathroom is almost the most common interior dream. In most cases, it is not feasible, but there are still ways to let natural light into the bathroom. For example, one of the walls or an improvised window opening can be lined with glass blocks: they are transparent enough to solve the task and thick enough to maintain a sense of privacy.

  • The curtain on a round rail.

A nice bath on legs is one of the” long-playing ” interior trends, which is not often found in practice. Many are afraid of the inconvenience associated with its use — particularly the fact that the spray will fly all over the bathroom. Engineering can solve the problem: to mount a podium with a slope and drain holes where the water will go.

A less expensive method is to find a round rod and hang a regular shower curtain, which will protect the room from all sides.

  • Storage under the bath.

In a small bathroom, the problem of storage is always acute — it means that you need to look for free square centimeters in non-trivial places. For example, under the bathroom: shelves for towels and accessories slightly increase the structure area but help close the storage issue once and for all.

  • The wallpaper in the bathroom is normal.

The stereotype that tiles are a monopolist among the finishing materials for the bathroom has long been outdated. Bright wallpaper will help to diversify the design of the bathroom-the main thing is to choose vinyl rolls or fiberglass and paste the walls as far as possible from the shower and sink.

  • Cabinet lighting.

Despite the relatively small bathroom area, it always requires several lighting options, at least the leading light and spots near the mirror. Alternatively, you can add lighting and the interior space of the cabinets, and at the same time cover the back wall with a mirror — so you will not get lost even in kilograms of cosmetics.

  • Plants in the bathroom.

Of course, not any, but those that tolerate humidity and shade well — for example, ferns and ficus trees, tradescantia, and orchids. The main thing is not to forget to regularly ventilate the premises: during photosynthesis, plants take oxygen from the air and emit carbon dioxide.

Details have a significant role in the interior of the bath.

Even if you are one of those who spend no more than 20 minutes a day in the bathroom, the room’s design can and should be made expressive. Sometimes one bright detail solves everything — for example, an unusual faucet, a colorful shower curtain, or even a rug.

The same case when pleasure can be bought for very modest money.

We hope that our tips can help you create comfort in your bathroom. By combining different options, you will surely succeed in this interesting and useful business. Good luck to you!


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