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Transform warehouses lighting with LED high bay lights


LED high bay lights refer to fixtures which are for high ceiling areas. Spaces like warehouses, industries, factories, convention halls, even a few gymnasiums are all such areas where high bay lighting is favourable. All high ceiling areas have a lot of space to fill so they require powerful lighting.

There are other large fixtures like LED panels but they are not suitable for industrial spaces and are much more feasible for commercial spaces where modern day lighting is essential. LED panels feature a very sleek and modern approach whereas LED high bay fixtures allow integrity when it comes to warehouses or any industrial space.

Structure of high bay lights

A usual high bay light is available in two basic designs. The core works with all spaces yet the different designs improve their function and availability in certain areas.

  • A linear fixture
  • A round fixture

A linear high bay light fixture is appropriate for industrial spaces as it features 4-8 foot long fixtures. A linear fixture features retrofit LED lamps or integrated LED lamps.

The housing of a high bay light fixture is made up of aluminum and it serves as a barrier and support for the fixture. The housing is IP rated against dirt, moisture, damp location, toxic gases.

A round high bay fixture also goes by the name UFO high bay light. It is circular, small and bright. This fixture also has aluminum housing which has a supporting hook present at the back of the fixture.

LED high bay lights feature glass lenses which are shatter proof and provide directional lighting. The other materials of use in these lenses are polycarbonate or acrylic as they are also scratch and breakage resistant.

How to install LED high bays in your warehouse?

Installing high bay lights is an entire task which requires special consideration. It requires proper and effective planning prior to purchase as they work differently than traditional fixtures. A layout specific to the warehouse must be drafted to avoid unnecessary loss of energy and money.

  1. Hire a contractor

A lighting contractor or professional knows their way around planning any kind of layout. It comes with other benefits like volume discounts and effective labour which ensure safe and proper installation of the fixture in both general and sensitive areas which require proper lighting setups.

  1. Spacing of the fixtures

Once after the total lumen requirement is calculated it is easier to determine the lumen output per fixture which helps in determining the number of fixtures which are needed to fulfill the total lumen requirement.

It doesn’t end here as effective installation requires proper spacing of the fixtures to avoid any bright or dark spots. LED high bay lights are mostly powerful luminaires and to create a uniform outlook it is essential to have proper spacing between each fixture.

Round or UFO high bays are largely common in warehouses as these are storage spaces which require light at all elevation levels. The UFO high bay lights have a hook present at the back of the fixture through which a cord or wire can swing through and the fixture can suspend at any height. These lights are also pairable with different reflectors which enhance the spread of light at all levels.

The built-in heat sink adds a lot of integrity to the fixture as these lights generate and despite very less heat and keep the fixture functional at all times.

Advantages of installing LED high bay lights

There are various advantages of using LED high bay light fixtures specifically for warehouses as they serve as a backbone to industrial areas. To read more about how these lights serve the industries well, click here.

Few of the reported benefits are:

1.    They provide uniform and directional lighting

The light from LEDs is directional; within a fixed beam angle and hence the light reaches the illumination point without getting wasted in the surroundings. Most traditional lamps do not have this feature due to which they disperse a lot of energy in the surrounding. The directional lighting allows to tune in desirable ambiance without any extra effort.

2.    Low energy consumption

LED lights are quite powerful and produce very effective lighting that too at a very low energy consumption level. The lumens are brighter than average and the wattage consumption is low which is very cost effective for bigger setups.

3.    Promotes healthy environment

LED lights function on green lighting technology which is easy on the eyes and overall health. In a task oriented environment like a warehouse it is in direct interaction with workers all day long. The reports show how traditional lamps flicker, produce low hum and radiate a lot of heat whereas LED lamps are the exact opposite and promote the health of workers. They do not produce or interact with harmful radiation and provide lighting throughout the day and even in case of an emergency they have a power backup option.

4.    Low maintenance

LED light fixtures are super low maintenance. They help cut down on frequent maintenance and labour costs because they are sustainable and seldom require any tuning or replacement unless installed badly. The fixture is bound to last for approximately 11 years without any issue.

In conclusion, LED lighting helps boost the productivity of the environment. The lighting is ambient, easy on eyes and generally easy on the pocket while benefiting the business in many ways. It is essential to create a healthy workspace for flourishing business and LED light fixtures provide it at a very sensible cost.


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