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Design Solutions When Building Live Casino Studios


Live casino games have introduced a new way of gambling, but their emergence has also led to the need for architects and studio designers to create a new type of space. These designs can try and mix classic casino architecture with new ideas and layouts. The following are some of the key design solutions that have allowed the genre to thrive.

Different Solutions for Varied Games

The first point to cover is that the live casino game genre is wide and fast-growing. This means that studios need to take into account factors such as the overall theme, the main game, and any bonus rounds. Game creators will also decide whether there should be just a human dealer with physical props, or if the likes of animated characters and augmented reality sequences are to be part of the game.

The selection of live gambling casino games at Paddy’s website includes live roulette and blackjack, where a luxury casino experience is represented on the screen. Game shows such as Sweet Bonanza Candyland and Big Bad Wolf Live have introduced new types of gameplay and a fun, light-hearted setting. Monopoly Big Baller Live by Evolution is a good example of how the studio designers have re-imagined the classic board game in a live setting, which fits the theme well.

Players Want to See the Action

One of the key aspects of live casino games is that players can follow the action as it takes place. This means that the design of the set is crucial, as the cameras need to capture all the important moments, such as when the ball spins around the roulette wheel or when the dealer turns over each card. Having a clear view of the action makes a game more exciting and also ensures that it’s completely fair and transparent at all times.

This is why live casino studios tend to have an open design, so there’s no chance of the player’s view being blocked by props. Some games also use a variety of cameras so that each player can choose the view they want to see once the action begins. If a game has different rounds or sections, the transitions between them should be clear and allow the game to flow naturally. The presenter’s comfort is also crucial, as they need to be relaxed as they entertain and inform the players.

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Future Growth and Plans

Major casino live streaming companies like Evolution and Playtech have different studios across the globe. Given their rapid growth, Evolution confirmed in 2023 that they plan to open new studios and hire presenters in various regions. They expect to have new studios in Europe, as well as North America and Latin America.

Around the same time, Playtech opened their Pennsylvania Live Studio, which will operate on a 24/7 basis and is their third live location in the US. As more live casino games are added to the current range, we can look forward to seeing more innovative ways of playing them. However, the crucial elements covered here will all continue to be important in ensuring an attractive type of game that appeals to a wide range of players.


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