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The Top Home and Garden Trends for Your Home


Decorating your home and your garden to your tastes is part of the fun of being a homeowner. You have a space to express yourself and your personality. However, with so many different styles and options out there, it can be a little overwhelming at times. If you are looking for inspiration, then look no further. Below is a list of the home and garden trends tipped to make a big splash in 2022.

Balcony Gardening

Thanks to Covid, people had to spend more time in their own homes, which was especially difficult for city dwellers who didn’t have much access to nature or any outdoor spaces. This then led to an interest in a so-called urban jungle. So people began to look for ways to incorporate more natural elements into their homes. Balcony gardens have begun to emerge as a trend, and they are incredibly effective. If you have a balcony, then be sure to look up plants that do well outside in all weathers.

Seascape Colours

This is because the colours that make up a seascape are incredibly soothing and comforting – especially the blues. In fact, Dulux’s colour of the year for 2022 is a shade of blue. The colours that you choose to decorate your home can have a huge impact on the atmosphere within your home. Traditionally pared-back neutrals and whites have reigned supreme; however, these do not inject much personality into your home. You should consider adding some of the hues to your home.

Wild Gardens

Wild gardens are lower maintenance while still being extremely impactful. They are also better for the environment. So why not consider making your garden a haven for the local wildlife. If you aren’t sure where to start, you should opt for single flowering varieties of plants and open flowers. To really get the look, you should think about long wild grass and climbing vines, too; this cements the wild and untamed look that most people are going for.

Broken-Plan Flooring

The open-plan look remains as popular as ever, except it is now receiving a twist on the classic. Areas within the home are being defined by broken-plan flooring. It uses a variety of materials and flooring types to make a statement. As a result, it is both practical and fashionable. Your home retains its spacious feeling, but each zone is highlighted and personalised.

Garden Rooms

This trend is huge, with more and more people choosing to install some form of structure in their garden. It gives you more space, but it costs considerably less than a building extension. You can use this room as a space to entertain or as a home office or a cosy den; the possibilities are endless. BuyShedDirect has a huge selection of summer houses, so you are bound to find one to match your needs and your style.

Pocket Doors

One of the most sought after features inside a home is simple space. Everyone wants more space, which is why space-saving features are so popular. Pocket doors are great; they slide into a compartment in the adjacent wall, which is what makes them perfect for smaller spaces where privacy is still desired. They can also be an incredibly stylish feature too; it isn’t always fashion or function, sometimes it can be both.

Raised Garden Beds

These are not new in the world of horticulture, but they are quickly becoming more mainstream. They, like the pocket doors, are an excellent feature that also saves space. They also offer you more control over whatever you are growing inside of them. You have more control over the soil and the level of compaction, as well as the water and mineral content. You can also choose what the bed is made out of, most people opt for wood, but you can paint it or decorate as you see fit.

Creating Contrasts

The Art Deco shapes and styles are back in a big way, but it isn’t enough to simply include pieces into your home they need emphasising. This is where the idea of creating contrasts comes in. Velvet upholstered furniture in colourful tones remain the most popular, but it is all about setting them against complementary but contrasting backdrops to really make them pop.

Permaculture Gardening

Permaculture gardening takes more of a holistic approach to gardening; the idea is that you work with natural forces to provide food, water and shelter to your garden. This is done by using the wind, sun and rain to their full potential. The key principle is that you are replicating the natural patterns of growth and harvest. It can be hard work, but it is incredibly effective if you want to grow your own food.

Showcase a Global Influence

This trend is exactly as it sounds. It is all about incorporating features from different cultures, think colour schemes and tones, textures, and prints. Using earthy tones and natural materials can create the look that you want. You could also hang tapestries or fabrics that match your colour scheme or any other motifs that you think would match.

White Gardens

Whether it’s in your furniture or flowers, white is a popular colour choice for gardens today. However, to make the most of this trend, you need to choose a darker backdrop to ensure that the colours really pop. You should also vary your foliage, changing the shapes, sizes, and forms. Next, pick the blooms you like the most and finally, in terms of furniture, natural materials like wicker or rattan.

Wall Murals

Wallpaper is making a comeback, specifically in the form of murals. They are especially suited for children’s bedrooms, but they can be used in any room. They are mainly used to create a feature wall or a focal point. You can then pick out your favourite colours in the mural and use them in soft furnishings or other decorative touches to tie the room together.

Windowsill Gardens

These go for both the interior and the exterior of the home. If you live in a flat or a house share, then making the most of your windowsill with plants is a great idea. It injects some life into your room and most of the time – depending on the types of plants you have – the windowsill will be the best place for them. Now, for the exterior of your home, window boxes are a stellar idea. They give your house that cutesy cottage vibe as well as making the most of your space if you don’t have a particularly big garden.


Wainscoting, mouldings, and panels have seen a huge resurgence in the last few years and for good reason. When done properly, they can really elevate the look of a room. They add some much-needed texture, and they can be done relatively cheaply and easily. It looks good in both modern and traditional homes, and it can be used in most rooms.

In Conclusion

Making the most out of your home and garden may seem like a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Most of the trends listed above are relatively easy and cheap to pull off. If you have been thinking about changing up your décor, then hopefully, the list above has provided you with plenty of inspiration. However, it is also worth pointing out that trends do change over time, and so what is trendy now won’t always be, which is why it is important for you to pick trends that you like and can live with even if they go out of fashion.


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