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Tips to Have an Eco-Friendly Bathroom


More and more people are gearing towards purchasing eco-friendly products and doing upgrades to make their homes green. Besides the positive effect on the environment, it’s also good for the health of people, and it’s a money-saver. Green products are made of natural ingredients, so they are non-toxic. Eco-friendly appliances, on the other hand, use less energy, making them cost-effective. You can make various areas of your home eco-friendly, including the bathroom, and we listed some ways to do this.

Upgrade to a water-efficient toilet

About 30% of the water you use at home is water usage for the toilet. If your toilet has been there for years, chances are it’s one of those that consume a higher volume of water. If you are having a bathroom makeover, or you are considering replacing your toilet, buy a water-efficient one. You will use less water, which will save you money and resources.

Use LED lights

Replace your incandescent lights with LED lights. The latter lasts for a longer time, so you don’t have to keep replacing them. Plus, they are more energy-efficient, and the difference is a whopping 80% compared with incandescent lights. The lesser energy you consume, the better for your pocket and the environment. Your electric bill will be lower, and there will be lesser toxic gases as the power generation will also be lower.

Purchase a steam shower

In upgrading your shower, consider getting a steam shower. There is something for every bathroom size, and it also comes with various features, which make shower time more relaxing. Plus, it is also more water-efficient than a bathtub as you will use lesser water. That is also true compared to a regular shower. For a 20 minute bath, a whirlpool bathtub will use around 80 gallons of water, while a shower will use about 160 gallons of water. Steam showers will only use 2 gallons of water for the same 20-minute duration.

Buy eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products

Go for eco-friendly products made from natural or non-toxic ingredients when buying cleaning products for your bathroom. It includes air freshener, tile cleaner, and all-purpose cleaning products. Besides knowing that it is safe for the environment, you can also have peace of mind that it is safe for your family, especially if you have little kids, older people, or family members with an illness at home. These individuals are more prone to being sick due to toxic products or chemicals.

Choose tiles from recycled materials

Recycling is one way to be eco-friendly as it reuses materials for other purposes, thus preserving natural resources. If you are having a major bathroom makeover, consider using tiles made from recycled materials like ceramic tiles. Look out for the labels post-consumer or post-industrial as it means that they are eco-friendly. Some of them are made from broken car windshields and bottles. Instead of adding to the trash in the landfill, they are converted to tiles, which can be used in bathrooms and other parts of the home.

Besides the tips listed above, you can also start practising good habits to save energy. Some examples are turning the faucets and lights off when not in use and unplugging appliances in the bathroom after every use.


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