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Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Roofer


Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Roofer

Whether you need a roof repair or a roof replacement, you will have to find a reputable roofing company. But where do you start looking? The Internet is littered with roofing companies. Everywhere you look, you are bombarded with adverts from roofing companies. Let’s face it; anyone can start their own business and call themselves a roofer. So how do you know who you can trust? 

Finding a trustworthy, local roofer is easier said than done. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right roofing company:

Do they have experience?

Any roofing company worth their salt will have been in business for at least a few years. If a roofing company continued to do shoddy work for their customers, they wouldn’t be in business very long. The amount of time a business has been operating is a good indication of how skilled and trustworthy they are. 

Do they offer all types of roofing?

A new roof is a considerable investment, so you will want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. There isn’t a one size fits all roofing solution, and each property has its own individual characteristics to take into account. The best type of roof for your home is the one that fits into your budget. Before you settle on a roofer, make sure they offer all types of roofing, such as slate, tile, or metal sheeting. There is no point hiring a roofer who only does tiled roofs if you want a slate roof.

Certifications and training

There is a lot more to installing a new roof than meets the eye. It’s not as simple as nailing materials on the roof of a house. There are several factors to consider, such as removing the old roof, loft insulation, fascias and drip edges, etc. Before you commit to hiring any particular roofing company, ask if the installers have proper training, certificates, and experience. A professional roof installation is key to how long your roof will last.

Warning! Roof Scammers are Everywhere, and You Need to Know What to Look Out for

Unfortunately, roofing is one of the easy targets of rogue traders. Common tactics include:

1) Knocking on your door and pretending to be a roofer working down the road. Next, they tell you that they have spotted something wrong with your roof, and they will do the work for you at a price that’s too good to be true. If you allow these types of rogue traders on your roof to do the job, it’s likely that you’ll never see them again, even if the work wasn’t done properly.

2) Another tactic of rogue traders is to put an advert in the local paper. The marketing departments of local newspapers aren’t concerned with who is placing the advert; they are more interested in the money. For all they know, the person placing the advert could have only just started their business.

3) Adverts on social media. As with local newspapers, nobody checks to see if any of these Facebook pages and Instagram accounts are legitimate businesses. Anyone can get photos from anywhere, post them on their social media accounts, and pretend to have done the work. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

4) Google maps. Anyone can create a fake business on Google maps and get their friends to leave fake reviews. There is no verification process. All you need is a phone number, and address and Google will send a postcard with a code that you verify online. Once Google has confirmed the code, that person is in business. You have no idea how long this person has been trading and how much experience they have.

Here’s How You can Find a Trustworthy, Local Roofer Near Where You Live.

Roof advisor – the Roof Advisor is a retired business owner who started his website to help people just like you. On his website, you will find links to trusted and experienced roofers in your area. The roof advisor has all sorts of helpful articles about roofing costs to help you get an idea of what to expect.


Always be on your guard for scammers and rogue traders, especially when the economy isn’t so good. Thousands of people are scammed every year, and it’s on the rise. No wonder tens of thousands of people per month flock to this website wherever their roof is concerned.


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