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What to Look for in a New Office Building


Whether you are the head of a large business and are coordinating the move for your entire team from one office to another, or else have just launched your own company and are looking to expand into your own office space, then you have come to the right place.

Here are the fundamental elements and components to look for in a new office building.

The Location

The first and most important element of the perfect new office space is the location and the level of accessibility, and the easier your clients, customers, employees, and vendors can get to your access, the better.

Not only does your new office space need to be accessible to your employees and customers alike, but it should also be in an area of town that is ‘up and coming’, in terms of the types of businesses in the area.

The Design & Layout

Now, for more conventional businesses who require a traditional office space, either in a separate property or else on one floor of an apartment building, asking for a detailed floorplan will show you if your current workplace equipment, supplies, and, of course, your employees, will be able to function comfortably in the space.

It would be worth pointing out at this point, however, that more and more businesses, regardless of industry or size, are moving to a virtual office space instead. There is a wide plethora of advantages to choosing a virtual office, including the following:

  • Access to a wider talent pool
  • Cost-effective solutions and overall savings
  • No long-term or even permanent commitments
  • Increase in employee productivity and satisfaction levels
  • No commute for anyone
  • The ability to work from anywhere with Wi-Fi
  • Increased credibility and legitimacy for smaller businesses

The Condition

The same basic concept applies to renting, or indeed purchasing, an office building or area as it does when you are renting or buying an apartment or home and, as such, the same rules in terms of the condition of the property should apply.

In addition, as you will be using the space for professional and wholly commercial use, you should be aware of every compliancy and legality issue too, paying particular attention to the health and safety legislation.

What is more, if you are looking for an office to immediately move into, ensure that you have a guarantee, in writing, of the actual date when the space will be ready for you and the rest of your team.

Parking & Public Transport

It would be all very well choosing a new office space which is slap bang in the middle of a busy city, but if the transport links make it nigh on impossible to get directly to the building, or there are no parking spaces for employees and clients alike, then this would not be a shrewd business move.

Presumably, you and the rest of your management team are focused on growing and expanding the company in the new year and to do this, your office needs to be as physically accessible in person as it hopefully already is online.


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