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Improving your house going into the 2020’s


Home improvements are one of the easiest ways to add value to your house. Even if they just make your house look more attractive, without actually doing anything functional, they can increase the value as well as making it a nicer place for you to live. So, if you want to get the most out of your house going into 2020, what are the best ways to carry out some home improvements?

Get rid of your clutter

It might not be a home improvement as such, but your house will feel better to live in if you get rid of your clutter. This is an easy solution because it costs a relatively small amount to get done compared to some other ideas out there. The first method is to just throw away all of the junk that you have collected over the years. Get it packed up and take it to the tip. Once you have done that, you will find that you have a lot more room to carry out some of the ideas you have in mind.

Of course, if you have items that are cluttering your house but you can’t bring yourself to part company with them, then you will have to find somewhere for them to go. Putting them in the loft is out, because that frustrates the plan of turning your loft into another room – you may instead want to investigate renting a local storage unit. That will ensure that your items are nice and secure and will clear up some of the space in your house.

When it comes to adding value, it is just simple psychology. A clean, tidy-looking home will attract more interest than a cluttered, messy house. If you have too much clutter lying around then there is a good chance that it will immediately put people off.

Make your house as secure as possible

There is no easy way of saying this, but there is a lot of crime about at the moment. Many people are attempting to break into houses in order to get their hands on the valuables inside. This may cause you to spend a little bit of money, but in the long run it is well worth it. Add a service such as CCTV to the outside of your house. This will work in two ways: it will frighten off some people and it will give you a better chance of catching people if they do try to break in.

The next tip will be a little more expensive, but is worthwhile in the long run. Get the best quality security door that you can find – make sure it’s one that has a Kitemark on the locking cylinder. If someone wants to get in then there is a good chance that they will, and while this will not keep people out forever, it will slow them down significantly. This will give you the opportunity to phone the police and get your family to a safe place. If you are selling your house, prospective buyers seeing a security door will immediately appreciate the security measures you have taken.

Create an inviting garden

This is one that will take a little bit of work on your part. It is still a great tip for home improvement though. If you are not so hot at gardening, that is not a big deal. You can forgo the flowers and create an inviting garden with furniture and other items. If you are really brave, a hot tub is always a positive addition. All it takes is some comfortable furniture and accessories such as a fire pit or barbeque. Once you have these kinds of items in your garden it will look like the kind of place that people would like to sit and relax in. At the end of the day, the aim of your garden is to be inviting and a fun place in which people can spend time.

You can also use flowers to make it an appealing space. This is cheaper than the furniture idea, but will take a little bit of extra work. If you are into gardening then this will not even be a chore, but something that you enjoy. Take a look through your garden and see what you can do to create a beautiful scene. When people are looking at your house, a well-kept, pleasant garden will instantly create a good impression.


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