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Ten Timeless Kitchen Trends


Updating your kitchen is something many save and pine away for many years. Whether you live in a forever home, or you have a house you intend to sell in the next few years, going timeless with your remodel will be beneficial. Your kitchen will stay classy and the style you choose can last for over a decade. Little things like over-sized sinks are a big deal in recent remodels. Here are ten ideas that will boost your equity and have you loving the kitchen for years to come.

LED lights provide a party atmosphere and brighten the room

Whether you want the lighting to make a dark kitchen feel lighter, or you need a way to say here is the party, LED lights are fun and popular. The best part about these light strips is how easy they are to install. You can purchase a roll of several feet of lights with a peel and stick backing online. These lights come in a variety of options from single colors to strands with control boxes that customize the lights to make thousands of colors.

Neutral paint schemes are always timeless

Timeless kitchen design does not get any simpler than using a neutral tone throughout the room. For example, buying white appliances is more affordable than the newest matte black or standard stainless options. Pairing white cabinets with white appliances sterilizes the room giving you a clean palette to work with for your new design. You can use fun accents like rose gold fixtures to create a special design.

Other ways to keep the space classy is by using a darker color for a feature wall and adding white or eggshell colors to the rest of the room. For instance, a navy blue wall behind the sink with a white subway tile backsplash and white walls is beautiful. Using white in the rest of the room lets the navy color pop without overtaking the kitchen. You can pair dark blue and white accessories to create a maritime theme or color palette.

Open shelving fits in intricate and simplistic designs

Timeless kitchens often feature uncomplicated ideas. For example, an industrial kitchen will use pot hanging racks, metal sinks, and open shelves with piping as the frame. A more modern kitchen might show off special dinnerware with glass shelves instead of full cabinets. This upgrade makes cleaning up faster and provides a unique way to create a feature wall. Plus, open shelves invite conversation when you use add designer decor items.

Wooden furniture provides a warm and inviting feeling

Nothing says home like classic wooden furniture. For instance, using the maple cabinets white appliances style is one look that is always gorgeous. The simple wood tones and clean white lines add a perfect mix of warm and cold. Homeowners can use accent pieces to glam up the style or keep the leave it subtle. A fabulous kitchen island can be the focal point of the room providing extra counter space for prepping food. Plus, it is a nice spot for the family to grab meals without being underfoot.

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Hidden fixtures and appliances

One way people are making the kitchen more fun is to use cabinets to hide bulky appliances and fixtures. A custom hood vent that looks like Shaker cabinets keeps the design seamless. Hiding appliances softens up a room that feels cold and hard.

Some people even go as far as enclosing the refrigerator and dishwasher. Many new designs include a cabinet specifically for the trash can and recycling containers. This update means the room looks better, keeps smells down, and makes cabinet lines clean and simple.

Modern task lighting is always welcome

In any home update, new light fixtures are in every trendy kitchen. Lights with smooth, straight lines work well for contemporary designs. For something more intricate, a curvy fixture with flowers, shapes, or emblems always checks off the box. Everyone wants to see what they are cooking or cleaning. Doing dishes by the illumination from a light in the middle of the room means a lot of leftover messes. Task lighting will always stay in style.

A kitchen remodel using subway tile is never a bad choice

Subway tile is one of those features that never grows old. Just like the classy black on white theme, subway tile is easy to revamp to fit into any design. Think about a wavy subway tile for a backsplash. The tile might be the standard white color, but the texture adds a modern vibe. Cutting down the size of the subway tile makes a room look bigger when space is an issue.

Natural counters impart a rich feel to the room

Quartz, granite, marble, and butcher block are all wonderful ideas for a kitchen remodel. These materials are luxurious options for new counters. Most trendy kitchens use a feature wall or item to create a focal point. The choice should be extravagant without being over-the-top. To make the feature stand out more, using classic kitchen colors like white, beige, or gray makes the most sense.

Custom islands and cabinets

Kitchens with white appliances can be too sterile feeling making a room look and feel cold. One way to even out this effect is to spring for custom cabinets for your kitchen. You can choose any style or color to contrast with the white units to break up the hue. By going with a custom island, homeowners can use the same style to complete the look. Adding an island will improve the value of the home and make the kitchen more functional.

Smart organization keeps clutter at bay

Many kitchen remodels are making use of tools to tidy up your utensils, towels, and gadgets. From pasta jars to mini-organizers for cans and plates, getting use out of every inch of your kitchen is important. Putting these features inside cabinets lets you keep the timeless design on the outside while modernizing the interior of the cabinets to hold more stuff. Plus, these organizers make it easier to see what is in them.

Kitchen trends to avoid

Dated kitchen trends can detract from the value and look of your home. To prevent this issue, opting for a timeless style for your kitchen remodeling project is a safe preference. While many of the following styles are trending right now, their shelf-life is not as long as the timeless designs we list above.

  • All brass or gold fixtures
  • High contrast designs like mix-and-match metals or colors
  • Highly custom colors
  • Antique furniture
  • Farmhouse designs
  • Industrial kitchen styles
  • Matte wall or appliance colors
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Laminate counters

Using popular home trends kitchen ideas is not always the best way to upgrade. If you have the money to redo the room in a few years, then having fun going with the latest trends is easy. For people who only plan on one kitchen remodel, going timeless is usually the preferable choice. Going hi-tech is another way you can have all the fun toys without sacrificing the design. Many USB outlets, smart lighting controls, and other kitchen automation use covers to hide the technology. Remember to avoid dated kitchen tends to get the most out of your remodel.


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