Home DIY Improve your home with these simple and practical alterations

Improve your home with these simple and practical alterations

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January is a time for many of us to put our New Year’s resolutions into practice. In the UK, according to recent research conducted by YouGov that polled 1170 adults, the top 3 resolutions (exercising more, losing weight and eating more healthily) are all related to improving ourselves. But why not adopt the same attitude towards our homes in 2018? Here are some practical changes that you can easily make that will leave your home far healthier and happier than it was in 2017.

Heating your home

January also ushers in some of the coldest temperatures the year has to throw at us. One way of tackling the cold head-on whilst keeping your heating bills to a minimum is to buy a Grundfos central heating pump. Grundfos, as a company are determined to manufacture products with unprecedented efficiency and their range of central heating pumps are one such example. Circulating pumps, or central heating pumps, circulate hot water constantly around a domestic heating system, ensuring that your home has an instant supply of hot water whenever you need it, while cutting back on the money and energy that would otherwise be required to heat this water over and over again.

Draught proofing

It is equally important to prevent any precious heat that your home does generate from escaping through ill-protected glazed windows or draught excluder-free doors. Investing in double-glazed windows will repay you over time with the reduction in heat losses it grants you. If you are reluctant to make this sizeable of an investment, you should at least consider taking a more DIY approach – you can line vulnerable windows and doors with self-adhesive rubber draught stripping for under £10. Getting your hands on a draught excluder to shore up your draught defences should also be considered a prerequisite.

Kerb appeal

As the first impression anyone has of your home, it is vital to bolster the so-called ‘kerb appeal’ of your home. This can be achieved through both practical and more superficial steps. Ridding gutters of debris will prevent water damage to your home. Additionally, because of the high co-efficient of thermal movement of plastic guttering, it is important to check that all sections of guttering are fastened together securely to prevent leaks from developing.

Enhancing kerb appeal also involves improving the visual appearance of your home. Applying a fresh coat of paint on your front door, removing weeds from your driveway and updating your external lighting are all practical steps you can take that will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Air quality

The impetus for improving the air quality inside your home lies primarily with the health benefits it can provide you with, as well as removing any unwelcome odours and staving off mould. Investing in a dehumidifier will help eliminate all of the moisture that accumulates after cooking, washing and bathing indoors. Another simple step you can take to prevent your home from taking on a humid atmosphere is to open your windows regularly – simple but effective.


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