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How to Create a Home Office You’ll Actually Do Work In


Across the UK, working from home is becoming increasingly common. There are a lot of positive sides to this kind of work; you don’t have to spend time and money commuting, you get to work somewhere you enjoy spending time in, your office is yours to personalize, and you don’t even have to wear formal clothes while you work. However, a major downside to working at home is the productivity trap.

While many people do say that working at homes make them more productive, many also admit that working at home, unsupervised and with plenty of distractions around, can actually make getting work done more difficult. The key to overcoming this is having the right home office setup. If you’re working from home, here’s how to create an office space you’ll actually want to work in. 

Home office renovation can be quite expensive. If the improvements in the space are considered necessary for your home office, it can be filed under your business tax. This is case to case depending on the country where you are staying. Best to work with professionals when dealing with your home office taxes.

Function Over Form

It’s likely that you’ve already spent a significant amount of time poring over old issues of Home & Garden and scanning Pinterest boards for the ultimate home office inspiration. While it’s always nice to have a stylish office space that looks like something straight out of Suits, your first priority should always be comfort and practicality if you’re planning on getting lots done. Follow the simple laws of ergonomics and ensure you have plenty of back support, suitable lighting for your eyes, an adjustable desk, and the opportunity to stretch your legs. 

Choose Your Distraction-of-Choice

Working at home can be a fraught endeavour due to the number of distractions at hand. However, it’s better to embrace this and work in specific times for minibreaks to play your favourite online game or flip through that magazine. It’s best to have a form of entertainment which doesn’t require you to get up and leave your home office, such as online games or even some puzzles or brainteasers. It’s also important to pick something that can be done in quick, short bursts, to avoid having your minibreak take up too much of your time. One particularly useful activity that can help you relax and refocus is card games. A few rounds of poker, such as the kind of Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha poker offered by platforms such as Redbet online poker are ideal for helping you take a break whilst stimulating your brain. Similarly, a bit of online sudoku or a crossword puzzle played at scheduled intervals throughout the day will allow your brain to decompress and prevent you from wasting hours staring at other distractions wishing you could use them. 

Natural Light, Plants & Neutral Tones

The aesthetics of your home office have been well-proven to influence productivity. As such, take advice from the pros when it comes to decorating your office. Stuff your space with plenty of (living) houseplants, which will lift your mood and leave you feeling inspired. Choose a room that is flooded with natural light, as this will keep your energy and mood levels up throughout the day, allowing you to do your best work possible. Similarly, opting for neutral colour schemes that don’t clash will aid focus and prevent needless distraction from the task at hand. 

De-Clutter Your Life

As a final point of order, you should make sure your home office is as sparse as possible. Remove any and all clutter from your desk and eliminate any unsightly mess from your space. Even if you don’t want to throw anything away, just keep it out of sight, at least while you’re working. 

Working from home requires an extra level of personal responsibility. Taking these steps will allow you to be more productive and better enjoy your space and the work that you do. 


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