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Helpful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lamps for Your Space


A great lamp improves the aesthetic of any room where it is placed. It is also obviously a great way to bring light and warmth into your space. Choosing a lamp should not be left as a last-minute decor chore or done haphazardly because it is one of those functional decor items that can make or break the aesthetics of your space. There are a few helpful tips you can employ when buying a lamp. Here are some of them.

Height of the lamp

Decide on the height you want your lamp to be with where it is going to be placed. If it is for the bedroom, you may want a lamp that is close enough for you to do your bedside reading and this may prompt you to get an adjustable lamp or a bedside lamp. If it is for a place like the living room, it is essential to take precise measurements because the height of the lamp also determines the shade height.

Pick a style with the decor in mind

When choosing the style of your lamp kit, make sure to factor in the working aesthetic of the space you are buying it for. If you are buying it for a sleek minimalist white room, you most likely would not want a multicoloured lamp that is shaped like a furry animal no matter how cute it might be This is because it may not be a good fit for that room. (Except if that is your personal style, then, by all means, get it). Look for the design and colour of the lamp that matches with the overall room decor. You can take pictures of your room for reference for better decision making.

Get the right bulb

This is important because the right bulb brings the right glow to your space. Also, there’s nothing as annoying as having to change out the bulbs of your lamps repeatedly because they keep burning or because they are not great fits for the lamp you have bought. Pick a bulb that is of excellent quality and one that goes with the style of your lamp. Also, if you plan to read with your lamp, it is vital to pick a bulb that is 60watts or more to get the most out of it.

The size of the lamp matters

Getting a lamp of the perfect size is essential. You do not want to get a lamp without a presence, and at the same time, you do not want to get a lamp that overwhelms the room. Taking the size of the room into consideration is a great way to pick an appropriately sized lamp.

Lamps illuminate a room in many ways than one. Getting the perfect lamps can improve the ambience of any room significantly. These tips should help you in doing so. For more information on lamps and light fixtures, visit spares2you today.


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