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5 bathroom design ideas to reinvigorate your home


Many homeowners think that the bathroom is one of those areas that’s just a means to an end – all function and no form, if you will. However, the bathroom has been enjoying something of a renaissance in recent years and has become a place people actually want to spend more time in. No more drab, stuffy, and uninspiring bathrooms! With a few simple additions and subtractions, the bathroom can be transformed into a beautiful space that you’ll love and guests will shower you with praise for.

So, what bathroom ideas are trending right now? Let’s find out.


A marble soap dish or toothbrush holder is all well and good, but why not step it up a notch and really embrace marble? You don’t have to turn the entire bathroom into a marble showcase, however, as it’s too expensive and might end up looking rather gaudy. Instead, simply add a few select items to show off this gorgeous material and make your bathroom pop. Choose the same colour scheme for your sink countertop and bathtub and you’ve got yourself timeless beauty, easy upkeep, and an increase in value for any potential buyers down the line.

Think vintage

When it comes to your bathroom design, look to the past for inspiration for today. We’re talking freestanding bathtubs, large, ornately framed mirrors, and even classic Turkish rugs that not only make your toes feel warm when you get out of the shower or bath, but add brightness and interest to the space. Changing bathroom taps can also make a big difference, as these are things you’ll interact with every day when using your wash basin. Look for something new but go for brass or gold colour finishes for that old-school feel – certainly an improvement over the typical silver.

Bring in more blues

What do you think of when someone talks about the colour blue? Probably calmness, serenity, trust, confidence, and of course the sky and the sea. Blue is the perfect colour for a bathroom when all you want to do is escape the stress of the day and escape reality, if only for a little while. Even if the rest of your house is painted a neutral white, you can go wild with your bathroom scheme and give yourself a nice surprise and feeling of tranquillity every time you open the door.

Don’t forget your greens, either

There are certain plants that can thrive in damp, dark, and small spaces, which makes them perfect for bathrooms! Not only do they add a spot of nature and bright colour to your bathroom, but plants have been well-known to reduce tension, neutralise negative energy, diversify the space, and remove excess water – not to mention that they also look great against neutral wall colours. Plants like peace lilies and devil’s ivy, for example, will make your bathroom feel like new.

Go minimal Sometimes, a room is all about what you don’t see. Certain toiletries or hair and skin products are best kept away from sight and in cupboards and drawers. This removes clutter from your bathroom and makes the area look much tidier. Try not to go crazy with decorations and artwork, but go for a simple, modern look that will appear as clean in 10 years as it did on day 1.


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