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Wall Decaor Ideas: Decorating Your Beautiful Home


Wall décor has quickly dominated the industry of interior design. The term wall décor is used to imply the application of colorful, innovative pictures on the surface of the walls. Instead of settling for painted walls, many homeowners have turned to decorative designs for their walls.

Understanding the benefits of wall hangings, the different types, and how to choose the right kind will help you come to appreciate this innovative interior design concept.

Benefits of Using Wall Paper

One of the benefits of using wallpapers is that it adds texture to your house. Since wallpapers come in different sizes and mediums, you can give your home a sense of texture by mixing art pieces with various features. For example, if you want to create a sense of calm, you can use wallpapers with tranquil images such as the ocean or sky.

Wallpapers have a way of completing the space in your home. Wall décor in the form of wall hangings make a perfect finishing element. You can get a customized design of a wall hanging to act as the ultimate finish for your home.

Some people use wall hangings to motivate the occupants of a room. For example, you can use a wall hanging with an inspirational message or quote. In any case, waking up to your favorite or motivational quotes is a perfect way to kick start your day.

Wall décor can tell a lot about your personality. For example, a person who appreciates vintage fashion may use wall art from the 50s, or a person who loves animals will use a wall hanging that features animals. Therefore, wall hangings can be used to express your passion or taste.

Basic Types of Wall Paper

Foil wallpaper gives your interior walls a shiny effect. Foil is highly reflective and will show any defects on your wall. Before you use foil wallpaper, it is advisable to repair your wall or cover it using lining paper. This way, the foil’s reflectivity will display an attractive wall.

Bamboo wallpaper is made from bamboo material which is glued to paper. Bamboo is environmentally safe. However, you have to be careful when gluing bamboo. Avoid adding adhesives to since this could destroy its overall appeal.

Vinyl wallpaper consists of printed paper with a coat of vinyl. This wallpaper is popular because of its long-lasting compared to most wallpapers. The thicker the vinyl layer, the longer it will last. One of the significant benefits of vinyl wallpapers is that they can be washed and are easy to maintain.

What To Consider When Choosing Wall Décor


The first thing to consider when choosing wall decor is style. Some of the popular styles are formal, casual, and Victorian. Formal designs can be in the form of hand-painted print. Casual designs can be in the form of different patterns like floral or textured print. The Victorian-style can be in the form of a floral damask.


Wall colours are also an important consideration. Choose colours that complement your floor, furniture, and window treatment. You can ask an interior designer to help you choose the appropriate colors based on your preferences and desired effect.

The Illusion of Depth

Wallpapers have a way of creating depth. This means wallpapers can make space appear larger or smaller than it is. For example, the pattern and color contrast can create an illusion of depth. Wallpapers can also make walls look shorter or taller. Again, an interior designer will know how to create the depth effect you want.


Last but not least, you should consider the room where you want to apply wallpapers. In rooms that are not often visited, you may not want to be particular about texture and color. For places that are frequented by visitors, you may want to have more intricate designs and attractive colors.

Summing It Up

Interior design is not an art for the faint-hearted. It takes skill and creativity to come up with a wallpaper decoration that not only complements the furniture, fittings, and walls in your house, but that expresses your personality. If you are planning on home improvement, make sure you consider wallpapers as a part of the project.


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