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Some Must Known Things about Herringbone Flooring



After looking into the flooring market we can say herringbone floorings are becoming increasingly popular among the masses. Especially in the UK and USA most people prefer herringbone flooring for their home. Herringbone flooring has the most unique and aesthetic appeal that can upscale the whole look of the house. Besides, herringbone flooring gives you excellent durability that can last for decades. Also, the craftsmanship has been an important aspect that made this flooring popular among the public.

But there are quite a few questions that are popular among the masses, and we will answer all those today, in our blog post. Therefore, keep on reading to know more about this flooring. Let us start by one of the most asked questions, “how much does herringbone flooring installation cost?”

How much does herringbone flooring installation cost?

First thing to know is that the installation cost is totally depending on the wood type and species you have selected. Therefore, we have listed the installation cost of herringbone flooring with different wood species.

Wood specieLowest rangeHighest rangeAverage cost
Maple$36 per square meter$79 per square meter$57 per square meter
Pine$27 per square meter$92 per square meter$59 per square meter
Oak$99 per square meter$243 per square meter$170 per square meter
Joiner$236 per square meter$393 per square meter$315per square meter

You can also get an affordable installation cost if you choose the engineered wood. But for solid wood flooring the installation cost can be quite expensive.

Engineered vs solid wood herringbone flooring

In this section we have discussed the difference between engineered wood herringbone flooring and solid wood herringbone flooring. The key things to take into consideration while choosing between engineered and solid wood herringbone floors are the amount of moisture the installation space has or is likely to expose to. Also, consider temperature fluctuations that particular areas have. If you successfully consider all these factors, you can choose the right flooring wood type.

The difference between the composition of material that both of these wood types have makes all the differences. Never forget that engineered wood flooring has water resistance capability thus, you can do herringbone flooring in various areas of the house. But if you have selected solid wood then you have to be particularly careful about the areas, you must avoid areas which are more exposed to humidity or moisture, such as, the kitchen, basement, bathroom or laundry room.

Therefore, we will suggest, you must choose solid wood herringbone flooring for your living room, hallway, dining room, main entrance and bedroom. On the other hand, you can choose engineered wood herringbone flooring for the kitchen, bathroom, basement (only if you want) and laundry room.

You can do engineered wood herringbone flooring within your budget, but for solid wood herringbone flooring you have to spend a lot of money. Since the solid wood flooring itself is expensive, with that add the installation cost of herringbone flooring. Therefore, if you want to achieve the look without compromising your budget we will suggest you to opt for engineered wood herringbone flooring. 

The advantages of herringbone flooring

Now, let us understand what advantages herringbone flooring offers. Mentioned below are the top advantages of herringbone flooring:

Herringbone flooring has high durability

Herringbone flooring has high durability that can last for decades, additionally, to make it more long-lasting you can choose solid wood herringbone flooring. Undoubtedly, solid wood herringbone flooring can last for lifetime without any severe damages.

If you are thinking of using this in multiple spaces of your home, then go for engineered wood. The presence of plywood in engineered wood herringbone flooring ensures that the wood does not change its shape even in extremely hot or cold weather. Also, engineered wood herringbone flooring can easily last for 20 to 30 years and if you do proper maintenance it will last more.

Herringbone flooring gives you an aesthetics appeal

The engineered wood herringbone flooring gives you an aesthetic appeal. All thanks to the presence of plywood in between layers of this flooring. The aesthetics of the flooring are not compromised and you can get the appearance of a solid wood floor. Also, herringbone flooring is famous for the symmetric, which is pleasing to eyes. You can easily impress the guest if you have herringbone flooring.   

Herringbone flooring has low maintenance

Maintenance has to be an important factor while buying any flooring. The maintenance also decides the longevity of the flooring. Herringbone flooring has a smooth surface, which means the dirt or dust cannot be trapped, unlike carpet flooring. This also gives an upper hand to this flooring and makes it perfect for the dining rooms, entrance ways, kitchen, schools or corporate places. Also, for the places that have a high volume of foot traffic. 

The bottom line

In the end we will say, herringbone flooring comes with great advantages that you will not get in other flooring styles. Also, the installation cost is not that expensive, if you choose engineered wood herringbone flooring you can do it at much affordable prices.


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