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Trendy and Popular Window Shutters Design Ideas 2020


For people who are used to solely dressing their windows with blinds or curtains, then the idea of using Lifestyle Shutters and Blinds can be daunting as there is a vast range of shutters you can choose from.

To help you learn more about window shutters, we have briefly described the popular design ideas in 2020 that you can consider.

To get started, let’s categorize the designs into two; Exterior window shutters and interior shutters.

Exterior Window Shutters;

Exterior shutters are available in four basic types;


Louvered shutters feature angled slats that allow light and air to pass through them. They have a more defined structure and work best on homes with classical, casual, or ornate appearance.

Raised panel

These shutters are similar to kitchen cabinets or doors, with a double or single raised panel. Because of their low profile, they tend to blend well with virtually any style of home, including, Georgian, Ranch, French Country, Colonial, etc.


Also known as Bermuda shutters, Bahama shutters are louvered shutters that are installed at the top of the window, rather than the sides. These shutters are meant to not only let in air and light, but also to protect homes from harsh storms. This makes them common in tropical regions. They are ideal for use in ranches, cottages, and cape cods.

Board and Batten

Sometimes referred to as BnB or B and B, board and batten have an old-fashioned, rustic appearance because of their simple construction. Typically, they are 1-3 boards that are held together with a cross panel, which can either go at an angle across the shutters or horizontally. Because of their rustic look, these shutters go best with French Country, Mediterranean, and ranches.

Of course, there are many other types of exterior window shutters; you can talk to your local window shutter company for more information.

Interior Window Shutter Designs You Can Consider

There are different styles of interior shutters you can find. Here are three main interior window shutters you can consider;

Full height shutters

This is the most popular style of shutters thanks to their iconic look, tremendously robust design, and versatile nature. They are suitable for different home design and covers the full height of your window. It is framed around the window panels to allow consistency to your design.

Tier on tier shutters

These tier style covers the whole window, but have a top and bottom tier of panels that are separate. It is popular choice for road-facing windows, living room windows, and bay windows where flexibility of shutters is needed due to daily usage.

Cafe style shutter

These style refers to all shutters that do not cover an entire height of the window. They cover the bottom half of a window and do not go all the way up. These shutters are perfect for windows where additional privacy is needed, but without covering the whole window.

Solid panel shutter

For people who want to modernize their homes, this is a suitable style of shutters to consider. There are many styles that fall in this category. Talk to a reliable window shutter company to have an idea of what is best for your windows.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of shutter styles and window shutter ideas you can consider, and the above ones are just but a few. Talk your local shutter company to see if you can get a personalized shutter style for your home.


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