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How To Decorate Your Container Home


With global warming and climate change affecting the whole world, everyone is trying to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Without any doubt, this has had an impact on the housing industry and introduced people to the trend of using shipping containers as their homes. 

The shipping containers are purposely designed for shipping at sea which means they are strong but dull and ugly. The good thing is they are easily customizable. So, here are a few steps you can take to transform your container home for a beautiful and exciting outlook.


The first thing to do when you get your shipping container home is to decide the structure and architecture of your container home. The possibilities for designing a container home are endless. You can make a single container home or build a complete housing building.

Containers are very easy to customize and can be used to build any kind of structure you want to build. Some cool ideas for container homes would be a modern beach house or a backyard guest house. People even use these as their offices and some even run small restaurants in their shipping containers. You just need to know how to transform the containers according to your needs and we hope this guide will help you.

Keep it Green

Container homes are compact and small as compared to the traditional homes and their metal body can heat up quickly in hot conditions. A great way to protect against the heat is to keep the container green. Make a little patio area outside your container house and plant some trees around to keep it cool and fresh looking. 

You can also get some wooden pallets and pots and plant several indoor plants to give a greener and refreshing interior look to your container home. These steps will not only make your container home look more beautiful but also have good effects on your health and your daily moods.

Metal Cover-Up

Shipping containers are built out of metal and are very strong and durable which makes them a great choice to be used as a home. The metal looks ugly and dull but since you are saving loads of money due to the low flat-pack house prices, you can give an overhaul to your container and turn it into a beautiful home. 

The starting step should be to cover up the boring metal exterior. You can use bamboo on the walls for a unique look or go with plywood where you will have tonnes of different design options to choose from. 

Exterior Design

When it comes to the exterior look of the container homes it is all in your hands. Modifying and decorating the exterior goes way beyond just painting the body or covering up the metal body. You can install windows in the walls or you can completely remove the steel walls on one side and replace them with transparent fiberglass windows. 

Installation of these transparent windows will give the container home a brand new, exciting, and futuristic look. You can make it look more awesome by adding colorful LED light strips

If you have a multiple story container home, try and keep the modification of the base container to a minimum. If you remove too many of the steel walls, this will weaken the structural integrity of the container body. 

Interior Design

The interior is where the magic happens. You have to eat, sleep, and live there. You wouldn’t want a dull interior with a weird looking metal body staring at your face. While decorating the interior, try and keep it light. Use light colors so the compact spaces seem larger. Go for multipurpose furniture, like sofa-beds or bean chairs, and choose lightweight furniture so you can easily move it around. 

Secondly, insulating the container is very important. Two things will happen when you insulate your container home; 

1) it would protect you from the weather, you won’t be too hot or too cold 

2) it will drastically improve the look of the container home.


Last but not the least, your security. After all, it is home and one key utility of a home is the security and privacy it provides. Unlike the traditional houses, these container abodes will not cover up the whole of your property but you wouldn’t want some trespassers on your property. So, one final piece of advice from us is to secure your property by fencing it. 


Container homes are easy to buy, easy to build, and easier to maintain. Keep in mind that this is your home, you own it and you can do whatever you want. How you design and decorate your container home is your decision and this guide is just to give you an idea of what can be done. There are very few limitations on what can be done to a container home. Just remember those few limitations and you will get to live in a beautifully architectured and decorated container home.


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