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5 Ways to Use Area Rugs in Your Apartment


Most apartments have limited room, which makes designing your living space a challenge. An area rug is one element you can use to add comfort, warmth, and aesthetic appeal to your apartment, no matter how big or small it is. And since area rugs come in different shapes and sizes, you’re bound to find the right one that fits the various dimensions of your apartment.

Rugs also have many practical uses. For one, they can reduce noise in apartments as they’re quieter to walk on and absorb the surrounding noise in the room. Meanwhile, numerous recent studies have shown that area rugs are beneficial for allergy sufferers as they trap and contain allergens, keeping them out of the air.

Still unsure how area rugs can make apartment living more comfortable? Read on for these five great tips:

1.  Separate and define space

You can add area rugs to demarcate and define the space in your apartment. As kitchens and living rooms tend to be connected in large open-studios, area rugs can be used as visual borders to separate them. Area rugs with different functions can also be installed in different areas of your apartment. A round rug could be installed in your entrance, while a plush rug would be a great addition to your living room area or working space.

Choose your rugs’ colors and designs carefully, depending on the rugs’ intended functions and placement in the apartment. A rug with neutral shades will go well in the bedroom, as these colors signify coziness and tranquility. In contrast, an area rug with bold patterns and colors would look great in the entrance. Experiment and see what works best for you.

2. Complement the furniture and decor

Area rugs help ground an indoor space and serve as a starting point to anchor the surrounding furniture and decor. Before buying an apartment rug, consider your apartment’s sofa, chairs, tables, walls, and decor, and only purchase one that either complements or contrasts agreeably with all of these elements. In order to achieve this, you’ll have to consider the rug’s patterns, textures, colors, and dimensions .

3. Add textures and layers

You can enhance the visual appeal of your apartment by adding textures and layers with rugs. If your apartment has dull-colored carpeting, layer on some additional color and texture by placing multiple area rugs of various colors, patterns, and textures on top. On the other hand, if you’re choosing several area rugs for an open-studio apartment, choose ones with the same color palette for a cohesive look.

4. Make your space look larger

For small apartments, rugs with the right color and size can make the space appear larger. Choose area rugs that are bold or neutral in color to make a room appear more spacious. To prevent your apartment from looking cluttered, place the rug within 12 inches of the wall on all sides. Also, make sure that your rug is secured accordingly to your furniture so that foot traffic won’t displace it. Secure the ends of your rug under your couches, table legs, or bed.

5. Ensure your children’s safety

When purchasing furnishings and decor, never forget to consider your lifestyle. Safety is a great concern for parents living in apartments with small children. Accidents may occur when kids play and you might be unable to monitor the situation when it happens.

Properly secured area rugs can ensure the safety of small children by preventing slip and fall accidents that could lead to serious injuries. You could also place water absorbent area rugs on bathroom and kitchen floors to keep you and your children safe in these areas.

6. Add comfort and warmth underfoot

A carpet is a lot softer to tread or stand upon than a hardwood or tile floor. Hence, you should consider placing area rugs in strategic areas of your apartment, particularly in areas where you’ll often be found standing, walking, or working. A rug’s softness can also absorb some of the impact of your footsteps, taking some of the pressure off your body.

What’s more, area rugs add another layer of warmth and insulation to the flooring, making cold surfaces easier to walk on. Strategically placed area rugs could even help lower your energy bills by making your apartment less drafty.


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