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5 Ways to Transform Your Old Home Design


Are you tired of your interior home decor? Does it look outdated or a bit boring? Many people are afraid to change the design decisions they made once they moved in. However, something that once looked like a safe and excellent solution now may seem a bit boring, and you can easily tell that it is no longer contemporary.

Most people are hesitant to make changes in their interior design because they think it will cost too much, which is understandable because lately, prices of home decor pieces went above the top. However, the good thing is that there is always a cheaper version of the same item or a DIY project that can give you the same or even better effect. There are many simple and creative ideas that can transform your home into a unique and modern environment, so stay tuned to get inspired.

Less is More

If you are not into shabby chic and too many details, try the minimalistic approach. Remove everything that does not have to be on display and collect dust; it will also be easier for maintaining. Do not go crazy with the colors; you can either go monochromatic or combine two to three colors that go well together. Focus on items with clear and simple lines; it should not be too decorative or with a lot of details, ornaments, etc. You can add one detail that will pop out, such as a flower vase, a painting, custom metal designs, plant, or one of trending Matisse poster prints.

3D Wall Art

Walls are no longer reserved just for paintings and picture frames. With the help of 3D items, you can get a surface that stands out with its creativity and design. You can choose geometric sculptures from metal wire or paper, cast sculptures that are framed, or 3D wooden letters that represent your name, quote, initials, etc. You can even create your own 3D wall art. Find a nice looking plate, arrange some seashells and corals in the center of it, glue them on, add a hook, and hang it on the wall. Simple and unique. Curating several of these onto one wall will look amazing.


The days when people used to cover every wall in their house with patterned wallpapers are long gone. Nowadays, wallpapers are mainly used to accent just one wall or to create a playful-looking interior. Wallpapers come in every shade, pattern, they can even be 3D, so there are plenty of options. You can either cover the entire wall or just place one stripe in the middle section of the wall. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is sure, it will transform your home.

Thrift Shopping

If you do not really know what you are looking for, and you do not want to spend a lot of money, we suggest thrift shopping. You never know what kind of unique and inspiring items you can find in antique and thrift stores, and that is the beauty of it. It is always a surprise. Fashion and design are two industries that are always bringing the old trends back. So instead of spending a lot of money on a designer 80’s inspired lamp, go thrift shopping and find the real deal. Vintage pieces are so chic, and you would be surprised when you see how well they can complement your interior.

Travel Souvenirs

Think about the things you shop when you travel, do you really need another magnet for the fridge? Perhaps you do, but traveling allows us to find things that are unique and specific to that place, and those things can step up your home design game. It could be a greek-style vase, African masks and wooden sculptures, a picture of a local landscape, a plate with seashells, anything that will remind you of that place. And once you incorporate those items in your home, you will get one amazing and travel inspiring interior. Plus, your guests will always be curious and ask questions about those unusual pieces, so it is a great conversation starter and your unique travel map.

Why Should You Care About Interior Design?

Not everyone cares about their home decor, and it is not mandatory to have curtains that match your carpet, or a lamp that complements your sofa. However, there is more about good design than just aesthetics. So, do not put too much pressure on yourself, because you are either going to overdo it, or give up. Take your time and enjoy the process of transforming your home. Well curated space can be more inspiring, uplifting, and you will enjoy spending time in it.

Also, interior design can have healing features, and many companies, medical centers, or hotels pay particular attention to it because they know that people are drawn to good design, to the place where they feel good about themselves. And that is precisely what you should strive to achieve in your home, a harmonical and well-balanced space.


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