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Tips To Help You Build Trust With A Handyman


Handymen and other tradespeople have recently been the rock of people in the UK. There are many heart-warming stories about how they’ve conducted themselves in their roles. 

For example, their hard work meant that older people could stay home for longer in 2021, with some even providing their services for free to those in desperate need. Many of these professionals go above and beyond in their jobs, despite firms of all types struggling today.

Of course, not every handyman runs an honest or kind service, and there are bad eggs in every profession. The dubious individuals in this line of work may overcharge, misrepresent their work history, and generally leave behind poor quality work in their supposed ‘repairs’.

Therefore, it’s important that you know who to trust and that you take proactive steps toward that goal. Below you’ll find some tips that should help you with these aims.

Utilise a Trusted Matchmaking System

Finding a trusted handyman can be immensely difficult. It used to be that you’d need to scour social media, the reviews pages on tradesperson’s websites, or even consult your friends and family extensively for recommendations. The screening process could take a lot of time.

Things are, fortunately, different today thanks to robust online matchmaking systems like MyBuilder. You can easily find vetted and reviewed local handymen in your area via their platform. Avoid typing ‘handymen near me’ into Google. Instead, get to the heart of a finer selection more quickly. You can post your job, interact with the tradespeople directly, browse their work history, and get free quotes to ensure you make the right choice.

Trustworthy handymen establish a presence in the right circles. They also make themselves available to independent scrutiny, rather than featuring their favourite reviews on their website and having that be the only consensus around their business. Ultimately, working with services like MyBuilder is the best way to start a reliable working relationship with a handyman.

Research Association Affiliation

Some handymen operate in a very independent capacity. They might even be sole traders, enjoying the freedom that these work arrangements can bring. It can be a valid approach to their work.

That said, the most trustworthy handymen will generally be affiliated with a tradesperson association. In this line of work, which can include things like The Association of Certified Handymen Professionals, the Confederation of Aerial Industries Limited (CAI), or the British Standards Institution (BSI). There are others, so research them individually to determine what they regulate and authenticate.

Membership in these organisations builds credibility. It can reassure you that the handyman you’re thinking of working with goes the extra mile, has high standards for their work, and is part of an accountable community of professionals. It can also give them a more structured approach to their work, as they will adhere to certain principles and practices to make certain of a job well done. There may be more discipline on their part.

Hiring a family friend to do some handyman work can be tempting. Still, it’s unlikely they’ll have as much focus and expertise as the professionals belonging to an association. Try to recognise the value of membership in these organisations.

View Written Quotes Correctly

What’s online should mostly stick with services like MyBuilder. However, keeping a written record of the quotes sent your way is still best, and you should use them as a frame of reference.  

The dubious handymen will unjustly add additional fees to their services before arriving, but the most trustworthy handymen will control things more tightly. They won’t charge for arriving or for their commute. They will typically only charge you based on their work and do their best to stay true to the estimated quote they provided.

Of course, some additional costs may arise, depending on the nature of the project, but these prices should be calculated fairly. The quote you have a written record of should not be strayed from too dramatically, nor should it be taken as gospel. The handymen should offer useful discounts for supplemental materials to make things easier. Ultimately, you should use the written quote to set reasonable expectations on pricing.

Define Clean Up Responsibilities

A handymen’s job can be rather busy and messy. However, that doesn’t mean leaving behind evidence of the chaos is always permissible.

Still, some handymen can innocently assume that the homeowner would rather clean things up, as it’s their property, and they might want to ensure that all is as it should be. However, in most cases, the homeowner might be under the assumption the handyman will clean up after themselves. If these expectations aren’t aligned, it can lead to unnecessary tension and conflict.

Before your handyman gets to work, setting parameters around the clean-up job is a good idea. A simple and honest discussion should cover these expectations. Will it be safe for you to clean things up yourself? How much debris can you expect? No reputable handyman should charge you extra for cleaning up.


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