Home DIY Home Improvement – 5 things you need to know

Home Improvement – 5 things you need to know


Designing the perfect home isn’t always straight forward and may appear a struggle even knowing where to begin. However these following steps can assist you on a journey in developing something you couldn’t have just imagined.

  1. Get inspiration:

Ideas and dreams come from past experiences and those are the foundations you ought to build upon. So how do you get inspired? There are millions of homes out there, so go visit your favourite neighbourhood, take pictures, attend open house events or look at the many house and home magazines, and of course, don’t forget the Ideal Home Show in London which can give you a host of ideas for improvement every spring time. You should also check out Visionary Lofts if you are looking to convert your loft.

  1. Home Improvement that add most value:

The question isn’t necessarily how to improve a certain aspect of your home, but which aspect to improve in the first place. Here’s an obvious idea, consider your house as an investment. This may help you decide which home improvement to go with. You have to think which element would create a good return on investment. For example, could you turn the attic into an additional room? You’ll be surprised how much money you can save planning part of your loft conversion yourself.

  1. Have a plan with minimal change:

We all want a project to be finished on time and best case scenario with time and money to spare. Therefore, it is important to have every step outlined before proceeding with your home improvement. Delays are often caused by unforeseen problems which are out of our control, so make sure that decisions on architecture, furniture, flooring or paint for example are taken well before the project begins. Try not to change your mind too much as this will result in changes in terms of schedule, order of operations and may add extra costs.

  1. Go green & save money on home improvement:

When we have a selection of products to choose from, we go for the one that is in our opinion the most visually attractive or perhaps the cheapest option that is most suitable. On the other hand it is important to note the running cost implications. Did you know that an average family can save around 20,000 gallons of water yearly? How? By simply swapping standard shower and faucet heads with low flow faucets. The point is that looks aren’t everything so try not to neglect efficiency.

  1. How to make the job easier:

In this day in age technological advances increase production and possibilities, improve cost efficiencies and accelerate the speed of projects. Therefore it certainly makes sense to move away from traditional methods such as pen and paper to look a home design software for interior and exterior home improvements. Space planning, fittings, materials and colours are stunningly visualised, even in 3D. In addition it makes your work much more fun and enjoyable.

Home improvement encompasses a vast variety of thoughts and processes. Whilst following these points will certainly allow for a different perspective, they are also crucial if you want to reach the projects full potential.


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