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3 Small Details that can Really Spruce Up Your Home


People are used to looking at the bigger picture, especially when it comes to their homes. In terms of decorating the interior of your house, oftentimes you’ll focus on the colour of the walls, buying the best furniture, and checking the lighting, among many others. Usually, these are the design elements that you exert the most effort on, which may lead you to forget other details as well. As First & Main Management Company says, it’s important to note that with every design project, big or small, particularly for homes, all the details should be given as much focus. While seemingly minute, they make all the difference in how the room looks and feels.

Certain small details are easy to look over, but you shouldn’t as they’re still as important as the bigger design elements. To help you out, here are the ones that can really spruce up your home.


If your shelves are mostly filled with books, files, or other knick-knacks to display in your house, it’s easier to overlook how important they are when it comes to a room’s overall appearance. The right dimensions, sizes, and colours of the shelves are all important in balancing the aesthetics in your home. Smaller and over packed shelves tend to look too disorganised, while bookshelves that are not full can seem empty. Additionally, you also have a multitude of kinds to choose from, such as bookcases, floating shelves, and the movable kinds that you can position anywhere. Whichever one you choose, make sure they’re proportionate to the elements of the house and you can fill each and every space.


Baseboards are often overlooked because the focus is mostly on the walls and not their edges. In fact, multiple homes don’t have baseboards, but they more or less look plain compared to those who have. In order to obtain eye-pleasing halls and rooms in your house, make sure that your baseboards are installed properly and conform to the overall design aesthetic of the room/hall. Neutral hues, such as white, ecru, and cream, are the best colour choices for baseboards, especially if the walls are in darker tones. It’s also best to install every room with baseboards to make the house look more cohesive and complete.


Certain rooms in the house, especially those with high ceilings, will require beams to hold everything in place. But beyond their practicality, they’re also elements that make all the difference to a room’s entire aesthetic. House beams are old-school interior structures, so having them in wood are the best way to go to evoke a more rustic feel. They also have to be proportionate enough for the room—not too thick nor too long. If they’re not the right dimensions, they’ll simply look out of place and it might be better to scrap them altogether. Still, beams add character to your home, so just make sure they’re the right ones for your house.

As small as these detail may seem, they’re actually extremely vital in balancing the appearance of your home. Every wrong detail can ruin a room’s style altogether, and you’re left with an undesirable home. Treat each and every design element in your house as important as the next and you’ll find that you have a stupendously beautiful home in no time.


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