Anti-aging Process: Contribution of Light Therapy


    The law of nature has made humans vulnerable to aging. With the increase of age, the body gets weakened, the mind functions less, and the skin starts showing aging signs. That’s when a person starts worrying and starts trying out various anti-aging agents. Traditionally, multiple creams and organic face packs dominated the anti-aging industry. Thanks to the evaluation of technology, now one can avoid such hassles to regain their younger looks with the help of simple light therapy. The recent market trend shows that anti-aging products claimed 27% of the market globally. So, there’s no doubt that this market is booming day by day. However, the ‘pulsed light therapy is getting more and more attention presently. In this article, we’ll explain the anti-aging process through light therapy. Thus you can determine if this is the one thing you were always looking for or not.

    Pulsed Light Therapy

    Pulsed light therapy is a process by which you can regain the natural color and texture of your skin. This therapy also helps heal the skin from sun damage that occurs mainly around the visible parts of the skin. Moreover, skin conditions like rashes, bacterial infections, or splotchy skin conditions can also be improved with the help of this therapy.

    How does Therapy Works?

    The pulsed light therapy uses light energy to induce healing and repairing of your skin. The device releases a single wavelength of pulsating light on the skin in question. The process is very different from laser therapy that emits harmful UV-light. Additionally, your skin can be cured of a range of skin conditions at the same time. With the application of pulsating light therapy, the skin gets heated up. That effectively brings out the dead cells and harmful bacterias that resided in the skin. Therefore, the skin regains a clean look while new cell growth is stimulated.

     Additionally, it doesn’t affect the tissues of the skin. So, there are no serious side effects, and no healing time is needed. When you undergo this therapy, you’ll gain softer, smoother, glowy, effortlessly beautiful skin within a very short time.

    Why consider Pulsating Light Therapy?

    Pulsating light therapy is very helpful in removing anti-aging signs, that much you know. However, the process may vary largely depending on your skin color and the requirements of your skin. Pale to light brown skins can highly benefit from this therapy. However, one must consult an expert before receiving this therapy. If you have the conditions mentioned below, pulsated light therapy can be highly beneficial for you. The conditions are

    • Acne
    • Dark spots from hormonal changes
    • Birthmarks
    • Freckles
    • Redness from Rosacea
    • Scars

    The therapy can significantly minimize and cure such skin problems. Although pulsated light therapy utilizes very high-powered light waves. So, avoid this therapy unless you have a serious need for these problems.

    Aftermath of Pulsated Light therapy

    As a very high-powered and selective wavelength of light is used for pulsed light therapy, elevated body function may occur when you first undergo this therapy. One may feel that his/her skin has gone through severe sunburn due to this therapy. Ice baths or cooling cream can be of assistance in such cases. Let your skin get cured for some time. However, you should avoid the following activities for gaining the most benefits.

    1. Avoid wearing make-ups. It can irritate the skin more
    2. Hydrate your skin with mild moisturizers. It reduces the curing period for the skin.
    3. Apply sunscreen when going outside. Also, reapply within two hours intervals.
    4. Use cleansers to clean your skin if you have got sensitive skin.

    Additionally, maintain the extra sensitive skin routine till your therapist says otherwise. It may take a week or two to cure the skin thoroughly. Till then, follow the skincare plan suggested by the therapist.

    Is Pulsated Light Therapy Worth the Effort and Money?

    FYI, pulsated light therapy can be pretty expensive and can make a hole in your bank account. However, this process can be very beneficial for your skin and help you regain a youthful appearance. It also slows the process of aging of the skin. Once or twice a year, you can have a follow-up appointment to tone up your skin. This will help you gain the radiant look that everybody craves. So if you want these benefits for yourself, then yes, this therapy is worth every penny and sweat of yours.


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