Experts Explain Why Seniors Should Seek Chiropractic Care & Functional Medicine


    Over 26 million Americans in the age group of 20 to 64 are known to experience chronic back pain as per the American Pain Foundation. Moreover, it is the top reason why Americans seek a doctor’s assistance. However, numerous patients have realized that back pain is quite difficult to be treated. As, the lower back pain occurs in a complicated spot with several potential sources of discomfort and pain. Even though surgery could be resorted to as a fast fix but 85 % of these patients do not require or would not be benefitted even after going through back surgery. That should leave a lot of room for functional medicine or alternative therapies like acupuncture vitamins, and even chiropractic care for alleviating the pain effectively. 

    Chiropractic Care Complements Functional Medicine

    Functional Medicine doctors are not just concerned about what is wrong with you physically. They may want to know all about your spiritual and emotional well-being. They may ask you all about your partners, family, and relationships. Their aim is to effectively maximize an individual’s overall strength and vitality instead of just treating a disease. Chiropractic care is supposed to be a significant aspect of wide-ranging functional medicine since it assists numerous patients in achieving optimal health. Moreover, functional medicine concepts fit very well into several chiropractors’ practices, because they focus on maximizing their tools for treating patients. Here are the top reasons for seniors to seek chiropractic care.

    Definite Pain Relief for Seniors

    Chiropractic care is supposed to be a safe and effective health care therapy for treating pain because of spinal associated conditions. Chiropractic seems to be so successful since major causes of disorders in your spine are associated with spinal abnormalities and issues with soft tissue structures. Chiropractors are trained to find and treat old age issues like subluxation and their ultimate impact on the central nervous system. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medication hardly manage the symptoms and often lead to certain undesirable side effects. You may seek the assistance of Active Edge chiropractic & functional medicineservices to resolve issues related to aging in seniors.

    Boost in Range of Motion of the Extremities & Spine

    Chiropractic care has been instrumental in boosting the range of motion of the extremities and spine. Boosting a senior’s range of motion could positively impact the way of life in several ways. For some seniors, a boost in the range of motion could imply able to effortlessly bend down and lift their grandchildren. However, for some others, it could imply they can easily go about performing gardening activities. In several instances, chiropractic adjustments could lead to a boost in a range of motion. As such several renowned sporting teams have appointed team chiropractors.

    Much Improved Balance and Coordination

    Several issues in balance and coordination in seniors are triggered by injuries or certain degenerative changes that take place in their cervical spine. Numerous cases have revealed that chiropractic care could be effective in restoring balance & coordination simply by joint receptor stimulation in the region of the cervical spine. This sort of stimulation helps in restoring and normalizing the functioning of the joint receptor that may culminate in enhancements in both balance and coordination.


    Chiropractic care and functional medicine are great for keeping seniors healthy and away from nursing homes. Today seniors do not have to suffer needlessly. You must appreciate and acknowledge the fact that today chiropractic care could come up with several wonderful advantages and a brilliant record of efficacy and safety. 


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