Best Tourist Places To Visit In Sicily With


    There are some places that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime, and Sicily is one of those. It’s the largest island in the Mediterranean and enjoys plenty of sunshine throughout the year. The locals speak Sicilian which is a different language to Italian. The majority of them also speak English, making it very easy for visitors to communicate.

    The island has been populated for thousands of years. Evidence of past civilizations is still on the island, including some of the best Ancient Greek buildings outside of Greece.

    Of course, any great holiday starts with the right accommodation. It’s time to ditch the traditional hotel and give yourself an upgrade. Take a look at the villas on offer with and start your holiday in the right spirit.

    When you know you have a great place to return to after a long day exploring the island, it makes everything seem better.

    While you’re there, check out the best tourist places to visit.

    Mount Etna

    There are actually three volcanoes on the island but Mount Etna is the most famous as it is the largest and most active volcano in Europe. It has to be seen to be appreciated.

    Valley of Temples

    Situated in Agrigento, you’ll find a complex of tombs and temples that date back to Ancient Greek times. Of particular note is the Tempio di Concordia, one of the best preserved Ancient Greek temples in the world.

    The entire site is worth looking at, it’s UNESCO listed. You can visit by rail but the cable car is a much more satisfying experience.

    Cathedral of Monreale

    This cathedral dates from Norman times when they ruled Sicily. It is a great showcase for the politics of the time and illustrates the artistic heights of the time. The entire church is covered in dazzling mosaics reflecting biblical themes.


    This is potentially the most beautiful location in Sicily. The town looks like a postcard with small streets and large terraces, all with stunning views of the sea or the mountain. It’s a great place to get photos of Mount Etna and is home to an impressive Greek theatre.

    Torre Salsa

    This is a double destination. It’s actually part of a wildlife reserve, meaning you have the opportunity to see an array of different creatures as well as stunning flora and fauna.

    Torre Salsa is also a fantastic beach destination. There are many to choose from on the island, all with large slopes of white sand and beautiful warm turquoise waters. The beach at Torre Salsa is undeveloped, allowing you to enjoy it and the surroundings in harmony with nature.

    If you prefer more facilities on the beach there are plenty of other options!

    Speak To The Locals

    There are plenty more places to visit on Sicily. But, the best way to experience them is to speak to your accommodation provider and the locals. They know the island better than anyone and will share when and where you should visit its different parts.

    Just remember, you’ll never want to leave.


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