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What is DefiLIama: a treasury hub for a crypto community?


Managing a Financial treasury is a very complicated process and one has to bear the consequences of every loss and profit, but our crypto trading world also has its crypto treasuries which are always in need to provide a transparent medium.

Therefore, to solve the problem of transparency and to help the entire crypto community, a digital Hub LIama was introduced as the means to directly manage our other crypto treasuries and have access to a real-time score displaying a dashboard which has well-organized data inside it. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check which aspects are really important in oil trade using bitcoin .

What is LIama?

LIama is the crypto treasury organizer in simple language, which provides real-time organized data to ease the better governance of our crypto treasuries, the given data provided with the required auditing and accounting facilities.

LIama also has been seen to promote financial reporting through the crypto networks, allocating the crypto assets and helping with the budget planning and fiscal policy. It takes pride in announcing that it has been awarded by one of the top crypto companies UniSwap and Metacartel.

What are the features of LIama?

Crypto LIama has evolved to provide the world with real-time utility and it will also incorporate the yield farming rewards after the conjunction of its new token, ‘GRASS’, now it has turned towards phase 2 and has already outshone others in terms of features like:

·       Yield Farming rewards

·       Crypto treasury data organizer

·       Crypto treasury Auditor

What are the services of LIama?

LIama has grown through the clear roadmap of development, it has started to expand vigorously currently it has been distributed from Phase one to Phase 6,

In the last phase, it has aimed to sell its hundred percent Crypto LIama NFTs, after this stage investors are free to unlock one set of virtual utilities.

Here are some of the services which are given LIama to its users and customers which are represented below:

·       Insurance: Under its Insurance portal it displays the entire crypto networks insurance over some popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and BSC etc.,

·       Staking: Likewise, insurance the staking data is displayed in its portal some of the total value liquidity channels that are displayed are Lido, Rocket Pool, the TVL is shown within the seven days change.

·       Indexes: Under its index column it has yielded the results for set protocol and Index Coop, Enzyme finance for the leading cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and BSC.

·       Airdrops: Under its Airdrop sections, it has shown the data about those Tokenless protocols which may experience an airdrop in their value, again this change will be monitored within the track record of seven days.

What is Crypto LIama NFT?

Crypto LIama NFT has been introduced as the newest technology to present with Non-fungible tokens, that must represent the value of a specific crypto asset, NFTs are non-interchangeable therefore the Crypto LIama is launched to have a tradable NFT collection.

It claims to be based on the Ethereum Blockchain ERC-721, also Crypto LIama NFT has a website where visitors can check the real-time updates about its metaverse project and is open for all those financial enthusiasts who want to have their concrete Digital art portfolio to have a real-world utility.

Crypto LIama is currently undergoing phase 2 ‘GRASS’, a token which has a total of 600M total GRASS token currently minted and is secured within the Crypto LIama Treasury.


LIama is the ultimate hub for the crypto treasuries and it is also useful to get real-time data related to indexing and staking over the portal and also you can have the options to check for your invested cryptocurrencies.

Apart from getting the summaries of seven days, you can help to build a strong crypto community with LIama, as LIama has well categorized the Crypto treasuries based on their income and expenses.


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