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Turning Bonuses into Money


When people think of online bonuses they instantly think of free money. However, this is rarely the case as most bonus funds or credits have to be wagered several times first and only then the player can take out his winnings.

This is something that casino operators always include in their bonus information sections, but since this is usually in fine print, players rarely notice it. That’s why it is crucial that players are aware of the rules related to withdrawing their bonus credits.

Meeting Wagering Requirements

Most bonuses that casino operators offer to their players come with wagering requirements. These wagering requirements stipulate that a player has to play using the bonus funds for a specific number of times before he is able to withdraw his potential winnings.

How many times the bonus funds have to be wagered over can be seen in the bonus Terms and Conditions section, but unfortunately not all casino operators make it easy for players to access this section. Players are sometimes forced to browse through the entirety of a website without finding the information they need and they subsequently lose interest in the game and bonus they tried to activate in the first place.

That’s why many casino operators have sought the help of websites such as https://www.bonus.co.uk/ which give players the chance to easily see what the bonus is about, but also provide them with a direct link to the Terms and Conditions section where they can see what type of wagering requirements they have to meet.

Understanding wagering requirements is also important here, and in case you didn’t grasp the idea behind the concept of wagering let us use a simple example to lay you out the basics of this principle once again.

Let’s say a casino operator offers to give you 50 free spins as a welcome bonus, but they have included 40x wagering requirement in the offer. This means that before you are able to withdraw the money won courtesy of this bonus, you will have to play the free spins 40 times over. Once you have completed this wagering requirement you will be free to withdraw any winnings which you have won.

Bonuses without Wagering Requirements

There is a reason why casino operators include wagering requirements as they seem to be directly related to how high the bonuses are. This doesn’t mean that bonuses without wagering requirements have to be lower as a rule, but when the casino provider knows that a player will have to wager his bonus credits many times over before being able to withdraw his money certainly makes it easier to be more generous.

This is very similar to business model of https://www.walmart.com/. The people in charge of Walmart know that they can work with really slim margins and keep the costs of things really low as long as their customers are ready to buy in large volumes i.e. casino operators can give out large bonuses as long as players are obliged to wager their bonus credits.

In spite of this, there seem to be more and more wagering-free bonuses on offer these days than ever before. As you can see at https://www.pat.org.uk/, this is largely down to the fact that in a world in which everything is becoming digital casino operators are trying to become more competitive and have higher revenue than competitors.

The biggest benefactors of this change in trends are definitely the players as they now have direct access to their potential winnings. For example, if a casino provider offers new players £10 in bonus money and doesn’t tie any wagering requirements to this bonus, then, in essence, the player only has to qualify for the bonus, stake that £10 and withdraw his winnings immediately, of course provided that he wins.

Turning bonus money of this type into real world money is as straightforward as it can be and that’s why casino players should always first read the fine print which comes with bonuses and then hope that they can find a really lucrative bonus with no wagering requirements.


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