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Residential and Business Electric Providers Offer Deals to Smart Meter Users


Several of the UK’s top electricity suppliers are offering special deals to consumers, provided they’re willing to switch to a smart meter.

British Gas is the latest energy supplier to offer cheaper rates and promotional deals to energy customers that make the switch to a smart meter. The company has promised savings of up to £100 per year (or more, in some cases) for customers with the newer meter technology.

The promotion follows in the wake of E.on, which introduced its own savings offer for users of smart meters in September, and other energy suppliers such as First Utility.

By switching to the smart meter, British Gas customers can access a new promotional energy tariff. The “All Online Jan 2019” tariff is estimated to cost the average British household £996 per year, representing slightly more than £100 in savings compared to the typical annual bill.

In order to qualify for the promotion, current British Gas customers would need to switch from their existing meter to a smart meter by the end of July, 2018. Smart meter accounts offer an online management system and are paid straight to British Gas via direct debit.

Smart meters have grown significantly in usage across the UK, with an estimated eight million meters currently in use. Although customers aren’t required to switch, the government has set 2020 as its target date for smart meters to be in use in all UK households.

While many customers have expressed satisfaction with their smart meters, not all user reviews have been positive. Numerous smart meter users have reported issues with their meters since the beginning of the rollout, including issues that make switching energy suppliers difficult.

For British Gas customers, the new promotion is a quick and simple way to shave £100 or more from your annual energy bill, provided you’re willing to replace your existing meter with a newer, smarter alternative.


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