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3 Warning Signs that Your Foundation May Need Repairs


Whether you have been settled in for a while, or just moving into a home you just bought, there are certain things of which you want to be mindful. One of those things is the foundation of your house. The signs of foundation trouble are rarely as obvious as an outright foundation leak; often, they are subtle and more difficult to perceive. Here are 3 warning signs that should alert you to a possible problem beneath your feet.

  1. Do Your Doors and Windows Close Properly?

What may seem like a small problem, fit for the handyman, could actually be a much more dire warning sign of problems with your house foundation.

Ideally, your doors and windows should be installed neither too loose nor to tight on its frame. If upon inspection, you find that this is not the case, do well to request an inspection from a trustworthy contractor or handyman to establish the cause of the problem. Make sure you check doors and windows that are not so frequently used such as those in the attic, garage, or basement.

In the event where you find the door or window pulling away from its frame, you want to act even quicker to find out the possible cause.

  1. Floors that Sag and Warped Ceilings

Problems with the foundation of your house have the potential to cause problems as high up as the ceiling. Check all the edges where the floor of your house meets your walls and where you walls meet with the ceiling to see if there are any gaps or cracks in between. If there are, then you have a problem. Likewise, problems with the foundation could alter the nature of your floors.

Your floors should be as straight as a professional tennis court, but a faulty foundation could cause it to sag or dip. Since a sagging floor is difficult to spot with the naked eye, a  simple check would be to place tennis balls at random points of the house. If your floor is as straight as it should be, the ball should not move after it has been placed. If it does, then you may have a problem with your foundation and should call in a reputable professional to get it checked.

  1. Cracks in the Foundation, Walls and Tiles

Visible cracks in your foundation are the most telling signs of problems with your house’s foundation. As the base of your house, your foundation should be sturdy and should show no signs of tear. Inspect your foundation both on the inside (in the basement) and outside to make sure that there are no cracks, buckles, rupturings, crumblings, or any moisture. If there is any sign of decay, you want to call in an expert immediately.

Likewise, cracked (especially horizontal cracks) and crumbling walls may be a sign of problems with the foundation. Also be on the lookout for signs of water damage like water stains or mold that may be caused by water seeping through the foundation. Any signs of these on the walls should have you calling in a trustworthy expert near to your home.



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