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10 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home


A new home is bound to get filled with memories. But, protecting your paradise with the best security services and equipment is what you need to do first. Here are some simple ways to secure your new home.

Install a security system

Most of the home security systems provide hassle-free installation and protects your home against smoke or burglars. Security Company Essex has smart equipment such as locks, cameras, video doorbells, entryway sensors, motion detection, and many more. These ensure extra protection for your family and you can even control them from your smartphone.

Keep your lawn tidy

The more you plant, chances are that thieves are able to disguise themselves. With fewer plants, you can still have a wonderful yard. Start by trimming your grass and cut plants to limit the number of hiding spots in plain sight.

Add security cameras

Even when you don’t want to have a security system at home, it is worthy to install security cameras. You may choose the standard CCTV cameras that need local storage, or the smart security cameras, which are convenient and could be controlled with a smartphone.

Improve door security

It is better to change the locks to uPVC door locks beforeĀ settling in the new home. You may consider installing smart locks that make keyless entry to your home. You can give the key codes to other family members or visitors to enter your home and change the codes later.

Know your neighbors

When you are settled in your new home, establish good relations with your neighbors. When burglars find out that you are popular in the community, they get the impression that you are on a united front. This way, very few things may slip past you.

Protect your valuable things

Although homeowners insurance can help you in emergencies, it is important to take measures and secure the valuables in your home. A fireproof pouch can be handy to store your cash and important documents. You can even use a safe that needs your fingerprint or a code to open.

Inspect your windows

This is the common entryway for thieves. Hence, keep them locked most of the time. For added security, you can install window sensors. As such, you can be aware of any kind of forced entry to your home through the windows.

Search for an alternative when you are away

It is not possible to stay at home 24/7 and monitor your home. Hence, it is important to make a plan if you are away from your home for a prolonged time. You may consider to pause your mail, and arrange someone for house sitting.

Don’t forget your garage

Another easy access to your home for burglars. Make sure the garage is securely shut every night. Also, be careful about the garage door opener. This is because if someone breaks into your vehicle, they can enter your home with ease.

Follow home security basics

Here are some common safety measures.

  • Leave some lights on if you return home late
  • Keep your doors and windows locked
  • When it is dark outside, turn on a porch light
  • Don’t leave spare keys outside the home
  • Keep the sliding doors secure


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