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Home Safety: 7 Safety Hazards around Your House


When the term ‘home’ comes into people’s minds, what they think of is that feeling of safety, protection, and warmth to all family members. For you to have a home whether it is buying or renting, you have to spend money and time into it. Most times, you rarely think of how you can prevent everyday accidents and hazards that may happen in your homes.

The frequent accidents that you witness daily can be prevented if only you took the necessary measure. Accidents can happen to anyone, whether old or young; however, if your family has young children, you ought to be extra careful because the last thing you want to hear is your child has been involved in an accident that you know you could have prevented before it took place. As Service Star Realty warns, most home hazards happen because people are not aware of how they should handle them.

The following are the top hazards that happen to our home and how we can prevent them.

Household content insurance

Did you know you can have your household items insured? Well, most people are not aware of it. No one knows what will happen in the future, and that is why you have home contents insurance. It is a type of insurance that caters to your home possession should a theft, loss, or damage occur in your home. Should you go on a holiday and happen to take your possession together with you or those living with you permanently and they get lost, the home content insurance will cover for it.

What are you covered for in the house contents policy?

The content of your property to be covered will depend on the level under a content policy. The cheapest one will cover less of your possessions, which are lost only through defined events such as fire or theft. Then a broader level that has a higher cost will cover for the property on an occasion of an incident. Should you want a cover for your personal belonging such as sports equipment, jewellery, or cameras, you should not be worried as there are covers that will cater to such. You should never worry yourself over any damage, loss, or thefts as the house contents policy have you covered.


Most people have lost their lives through falls that happen in the house. The most affected by this form of accident is the elderly. When they fall, they develop more complicated health issues compared to young people. For instance, if an older person falls, and he breaks their bones, the healing process will take longer and can even be more complicated than that of a young person.

To minimize these risks, you must put safety gates in the stairs so that the children do not fall. To ensure that all your family members are safe from any danger, ensure that you put enough lighting in the stairs cases. Also, make sure that all floors are kept dry at all times to avoid sliding. If you have old members in your house, you can encourage them to use the lifts instead of staircases or rather you can have them to stay where they do not have to use stairs. Consider putting rubber mats in the bathroom to avoid the risk of falling.


Most children succumb to death due to poisoning. There is nothing more heartbreaking than witnessing losing your loved one due to poisoning, especially when you know you could have prevented the accident from happening. In most cases, children are the most affected by these hazards. Young children will want to experience almost everything, and so everything they come across, they just eat, not knowing the danger that lies ahead.

For you to avoid such incidents from occurring, make sure that you have stored dangerous products such as cleaning products in a lockable cupboard. For pesticides, you can have stored in the garage on high shelves where the children can’t reach. To be on the safe side, always have an emergency number that you can contact should any emergency take place.

Fire accidents

Fire is a common accident that can occur in our home; there are different reasons why a fire outbreak can occur, such as leaking gas, electrical issues, among others. To prepare yourself for such, it is good that you install smoke detectors in the kitchen and the bedroom. You can source more in-depth information from companies such as fire protection services in Wigan.

Ensure that you frequently test your fire alarm to ensure it is still working. Never leave your pan on fire while cooking. It is good that you call an electrician to check the wiring of your house frequently. Some items such as candles and matchbox should always be kept far from the children.


It doesn’t matter how good you are in swimming drowning can happen to anyone from all ages; however, the most affected are the children; that is why you should never allow your child to bath all alone make sure you supervise. If you take your child into a pool, never leave him all alone.


Small children tend to put everything they come across in their mouths. As an adult, you should always be on the lookout for your child. Get yourself informed on how you can do the first aid for your child or even an adult should they be chocked. If you must buy your child toys, make sure you buy the best of them all since some usually break into small pieces that are not safe for the baby since they can chock them. When feeding your young one, make sure you cut the food into small pieces. If the child is feeding himself of herself, you must teach them how to chew the food properly.

Sharp object

Every household has many sharp objects, which plays a vital role in our home yet very harmful to your child if poorly kept. You must have several lockable drawers in your kitchen where you can store such where the children cannot reach them to protect them from hurting themselves.


Toddlers are at a very high risk of having suffocation ensure you keep away trash bags away from them or any other thing such as ropes that can expose them from such risks.

To ensure that you and your family are safe and happy, you must follow the above guidelines.


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