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How to safely use power tools


Whether you’re a professional or just someone trying to ace your last DIY project, it’s important to avoid any injuries when manipulating power tools. Injuries can happen in a split second and can cause pain that lasts a lifetime. How can you stay safe and avoid accidents from happening?

What are the most common injuries?

When handling power tools always be especially careful, no matter if it is a saw or a nail gun. Make sure that others aren’t close by and keep children and pets out of the room you are working in. Some common injuries can be lacerations, burns and in some severe cases even amputations and paralysis. A nail gun may not seem to be as dangerous as a saw, but there have been cases where people have been severely injured by them which proves how much safety matters when using any kind of tool.

How to avoid these injuries?

Using appropriate PPE clothing and safety gear is imperative when working with power tools at work: hard hats, earmuffs and earplugs, eye protection, face masks and other clothing designed to protect from injuries due to power tools.

Renew tools and always use good quality ones

A simple drill contains a lot of power and uses enough force to quickly drill a hole in a wall, sometimes into very hard surfaces such as stone. An impact wrench works with a force of 2400 Nm, enough to loosen a bolt. Ensure the safety of the tool by investing in high quality items and renew older tools on a regular basis.

Clean workplace

Working in an environment in which there is too much clutter can cause safety hazards. Keep your workplace clean and organised so that you can focus on the task and keep your hands and ladders steady. When using a drill or an impact wrench, a cordless tool might make it easier to avoid tangled cables and keep your workplace clean.

Tool maintenance

Inspect tools every time before you use them and make sure that they fits certain safety standards.

Never get too confident

The fastest way to have an accident is to feel too confident while using a power tool and becoming careless. In the process you could injure someone else or yourself, so make it a point to always stay concentrated when working with heavy tools and machinery.

In summary, always wear the appropriate PPE clothing and protect yourself by inspecting your tools, investing in high quality machinery, keep your workplace clean and free of clutter and always stay focused on what you are doing.


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