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A Guide to Disposable Vs Reusable Face Masks


The Covid-19 pandemic will sadly be with us for a very long time, possibly years. We are now adapting to a new way of life. We are learning to social distance, to regularly wash our hands and to wear face masks in shops and when using public transport. But there is a dilemma when it comes to choosing what type of face mask to wear. Should we opt for a reusable face mask or a disposable face mask? Below we look at things to consider when it comes to disposable vs reusable face masks.

Disposable face masks can’t be recycled

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a reusable face mask is that they are designed to be worn again and again. You simply put them in the wash once you get home. They dry very quickly and can then be worn the next day. This isn’t the case with disposable face masks. These masks are intended for single use only and this is the main problem that they have as they cannot be recycled. They are thrown away with household rubbish or in litter bins in the street. This is because they contain a mix of materials that include plastic.

They’re dangerous for wildlife

When it comes to protecting the natural environment and wildlife then the safest option is to opt for the reusable face mask. These are made from fabric only and will not be thrown away. Disposable face masks are incredibly dangerous for the wildlife population. This is because when wildlife come into contact with these masks they will often ingest parts of the mask, and as they contain plastics this can harm the animal. The tie-straps on the mask are also a huge problem as wildlife can very easily get their feet caught in them.

Littering the streets

Littering is a huge problem in the UK. Walk down any city street and now you will probably find disposable face masks among the takeout drink cartons and crisp packets. There are many videos on twitter which show disposable face masks littering streets and parks, as people have removed them and thrown them away. It is a huge problem that simply does not need to happen. If everyone wore reusable face masks then this would stop this eye sore indefinitely.

You will save money with a reusable face mask

We are all living through difficult economic times. We all need to save money whenever possible and choosing the right type of facial covering can help you to save money. Although a box of disposable face masks may seem like the cheaper option, you really need to look at the long term picture. A box of fifty disposable face masks will last on average for around six weeks if you use one mask a day. A reusable face mask will last much longer than weeks, in fact a well-made reusable face mask should last for years.

Express your personality

Another huge benefit of the reusable face mask is that you can truly express your personality. There are so many colours and patterns to choose from that you will be able to match your face mask to your chosen outfit or to match your mood. This is important when working with the public or in the hospitality industry. This is something that cannot be achieved when you use a disposable face mask that comes in one colour and one size to fit all.

The reusable face mask wins hands down

So when it comes to choosing a face covering the obvious choice is the reusable face mask. They are better for the environment, will save you money in the long run, won’t end up on our city streets or landfill and you can choose a mask to match your outfit or personality.


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