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5 Common Broken Boiler Issues


Are you have issues with your boiler? Are you looking for the common issues that might affect your boiler? Well, here are some of the issues you can expect with your boiler and how to fix them immediately.

1.         Low Pressure

If there is low pressure, the boiler will switch off, the central heating will produce banging sounds and the radiators far away from the boiler will stop heating up. You can fix this by tweaking the loop on your boiler immediately. Check the pressure gauge and if it reads less than 1 bar, you can use the valve to increase it to a range of 1 to 1.5. Don’t forget to reset the boiler after you have added pressure to the system. You can check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to do this effortlessly. If your boiler continuously loses pressure, there might be a pipe leak in the system. It’s prudent to hire an engineer to check this for you.

2.         Frozen Condensate Pipe

Some of the noticeable symptoms include gurgling sounds from the boiler right before using it, failure to fire up or the outside temperature on your boiler is very low. Cold weather affects your boiler in a lot of ways. One of the main causes of a winter boiler breakdown is a frozen condensate pipe. You can thaw it by applying hot (not boiling) water and a warm compress. You can use something like a hot water bottle and apply it to the pipe directly.

3.         Boiler Or Thermostat Settings Issues

Is your boiler not turning on when it should? Is it turning on erratically? Is the boiler refusing to fire up completely? Are you seeing an error message or a blank panel on the thermostat? Well, your time settings might have changed if you recently had a power cut. Even worse, someone might have knocked the panel accidentally. Double-check everything and adjust it accordingly. You can check the boiler manual to be sure. Check the central heating panel on the boiler to make sure it is turned on too. Check the thermostat settings and if the temperature is below 21 degrees Celsius, it might not fire up. You should increase the temperature to see if it turns on. If there is still nothing displayed on the panel, you can replace the batteries. Try setting your thermostat to 21 degrees Celsius.

4.         The Pilot Light Has Gone Out

Here, you will not see a pilot light on your boiler or the boiler will not fire up. Note that, your boiler’s pilot light might blow up due to several reasons. You can turn it on by following the instructions available on your boiler. If you smell gas or see any other signs such as sooty marks around or on the boiler as well as a change in the color of the flame, don’t try to reignite it. Turn off the boiler immediately and call the emergency gas contact number. If your pilot light blows out persistently, you can hire a gas engineer to look at it.

5.         Boiler Locks Out And Needs Resetting

Some of the symptoms to look out for include a red light on your boiler that keeps turning on, an error code displayed on the boiler control panels, failure of the boiler to fire up. Here, you need a simple reset. Hit the reset button on the boiler found in the front control panel. If you can’t find the button, check the manual. Alternatively, you can switch the boiler off and on again. If you are continuously resetting it, hire an engineer to check it out to avoid bigger issues. With boiler cover from www.corgihomeplan.co.uk you can rest assured that your boiler is in top condition.


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