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Most important tips to Design Your Living Room


A living room is the first impression that anyone can get from your home. People like to add a touch of aesthetic sense and value to the designing of their living rooms. Be it the living room furniture, styling, interior or even the lighting of the room, there are a lot of things that must be considered in order to light up and fill your space in the right manner. 

Tips to design your living room

Make lighting a big investment 

Lightings are a bigger part of the design and decorating a living room. A dull and dim light will always bring a very outcast and dimmer look to the room.  Opt for lights with lamps. They not only offer more variety but also keep the light of the best intensity in the room. If your living room is too small, filling it up with the bright lights will add more space. 

Rug it out

Rugs are an important component when it comes to designing the living room. From classic Persian rugs to modern abstract design rugs, you can opt out for anything that compliments your interior. A big rug that could cover a major area could be a very aesthetically sound thing to add to your living room. 

Don’t put too many cushions

Millennials like to cut out the heavy and bulky furniture. The compact and portable furniture is the new thing nowadays so people like to opt for cushions which could be placed on the rugs rather than a proper couch. But if you are looking to design an aesthetically sound living room, don’t put too many cushions in it. 

A comfortable couch 

As far as the living room furniture is concerned, couch plays the part of a central piece. However, people often ignore it and don’t invest as much as they should in buying a couch. A 5-6 Seater durable leather couch is all that you need to add a touch of modernity and finesses of your living room.

Add a lot of texture to the interior

The living room is the first impression that you make to your guests. So its interior must have layers if texture added to it. Use wood, marble, metal, glass as well as silk in the interior design of the room. The more layered it is, the more finesse and detailing it will add to your home. 

Don’t cramp the place up

Furniture must be in the right balance in the living room. everything that you add in the space must have a purpose. Adding too many pillows or tables would only make a place look too cramped up. Save room for easy walking and moving. 

Make sure that you color coordinate 

The color pallet of the living room must color coordinate with the interior, living room furniture, rugs, and pillows. Too many colors will not give the room a subtle and attractive look and a monotonous living room will look dull and boring so color coordinate the room in the best ways.

All of these tips will help you to design a living room of your dreams. 


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